You got some coke on your nose

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While snorting cocaine may give you more bang for your buck, snorting can actually cause extensive damage to your nose over time and some of this damage may be permanent. Understanding how the nose is structured can make it easier to see how cocaine damages the nose. In a nutshell, the structure of the nose consists of:. While the damage done to the membrane linings from direct contact with cocaine, decreased blood flow stems from the effects cocaine has on neurotransmitter outputs in the brain, specifically epinephrine and norepinephrine.

You got some coke on your nose

These chemicals help regulate blood flow throughout the body. Unless drug use stops, much of the damage done will be permanent. In other words, the nose really takes a beating once addiction takes hold. Short-term cocaine effects on the nose pave the way for the more serious problems that develop with chronic use. To start out, the powder absorbs through the mucous membrane linings and enters the bloodstream.

Since most forms of cocaine powder are cut with other materials, such as laxatives and caffeine, these substances also do damage when snorting cocaine. Initial damage to the membrane linings typically in a stuffy nose. Your nasal airways become obstructed as the membrane linings become inflamed. Irritated membrane linings can also cause nosebleeds, especially when the underlying blood vessels become exposed. When the septum the wall that divides your nasal cavity in half becomes misaligned, one nostril appears larger than the other.

This condition develops as repeated irritation to the cartilage and mucous lining start to alter the shape of the septum. Nasal congestion and breathing problems typically result from a deviated septum. Over time, snorting cocaine can cause breathing problems that progress to the point where your quality of life starts to suffer. Other symptoms of a deviated septum include:. The combined effects of irritated membrane linings and reduced blood flow create prime conditions for a perforated septum to develop.

With long-term use, cocaine effects on the nose reach a point where the cells that make up the septum start to die off, creating a hole or perforation in the septum. These conditions result in cell death. In effect, the hole will continue to grow for as long as snorting cocaine continues.

Not only the rate, but the amount used steadily increases as well. These conditions drive frequent drug use, which allows addiction You got some coke on your nose develop at a fast rate. Hard palate damage develops from chronic, long-term cocaine abuse.

The damage to the nasal structures has progressed to the point where structures that run alongside the nose start to take on damage. The hard palate, or roof of the mouth, sits right next to the inside of the nose. Irritated mucous linings and reduced blow flow start to kill off the cells that make up the palate, eating away at the bone. Before long, holes at the top of the mouth start to form.

You got some coke on your nose

Cocaine effects on the nose not only damage the inside of the nose but also the outside in terms of how the nose looks. Saddle nose describes a condition where the damage to the septum has become so extensive that the septum can no longer hold up the nostrils. In effect, the nose collapses, making it appear flatter and wider. At this point, only plastic surgery can correct the problem since the damage is permanent. And it only gets worse from there.

You got some coke on your nose

Stopping cocaine use offers the only way to avoid the progressive damage that cocaine causes to the nose. The first step is cocaine detox. For most people, withdrawal symptoms can continue for 3 to 5 days. Its effects create a dependency that traps your mind and body inside a vicious cycle of drug abuse. Call Ascendant NY today. New York NY Ask a question info ascendantny. Professional Referrals Blog Contact. Review us online.

You got some coke on your nose

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How to Take Care of Your Nose After Snorting Coke