Wife strips stories

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She looked super hot in that tight little red dress of hers, sitting among the glittering candles of the expensive, dimly lit restaurant. Alison kicked me under the table when she caught me staring. We heard his fly come down. Alison put her hand to her forehead. Those oysters are working already. My wife looked around at the patrons at the other tables, but no one seemed to be taking note of us here, tucked away in our rich leather corner booth.

Her arm was moving up and down under the table, and Geoff put his hands behind his head with a blissful expression on his face. She kept glancing around the dining room of Chez Panisse, watching the servers go back and forth with trays of drinks and savory plates of gourmet food.

Wife strips stories

Maddy was only 25, clear skinned, well built, at the peak of fertility. It was no surprise to me that our middle aged pal Geoff had developed an insatiable carnal appetite for her. But I kept my mouth shut. Though she was still gorgeous in my eyes, she had a few wrinkles here and there, had put on some weight, developed a slight paunch.

I could hardly complain given how fat I had grown myself over the years. Geoff had stayed in shape pretty well. He had Wife strips stories been the ladies man, working out at the gym, dating much younger women. All of our mutual friends were amazed when he announced he and Maddy were getting married. We had all pegged him as a confirmed bachelor. And of course all the wives were scandalized to hear that Maddy was twenty years younger than Geoff. Is that right? It sounds like such fun! What an incredible freak she was.

My wife blushed at the mention of her burlesque.

Wife strips stories

She had picked it up last year during a midlife crisis. She felt that men were overlooking her and paying more attention to younger women and she frankly admitted to me that she needed the attention. Burlesque had long been popular for chubby ladies in the Bay Area to strut their stuff, so she ed a little amatuer troupe that her friend Dana was part of.

Wife strips stories

Alison was too embarrassed to invite me to the shows. I assumed it was just a bunch of fat older ladies dancing around in fishnets, stuffed into tight corsets like sausages, chubby cleavage pouring out, singing bawdy songs and high-kicking while meager audiences of friends and families stifled yawns and humored them. Geoff was starting to breath faster, sweat was beading on his brow. Do you do a striptease?

Alison gave me a strange look. Maddy Wife strips stories ignored her and carried on talking and tugging Geoff simultaneously. He seemed to be having a hard time formulating sentences. Then she turned her attention back to my wife. The idea started to make me harder myself. Alison just sat and simmered, arms crossed. Geoff was staring into space his mouth hanging open stupidly. Geoff shuddered and leaned forward. Maddy kept jerking until he pulled her hand away from his groin. He gripped her thin wrist in his fist, lifted it above the table.

She held it up for us all to see and seductively slurped it into her mouth. Then she turned to the server and said. The stunned coed watched as Geoff pulled the cloth napkin from his lap and put in on the table, it was soaked in the middle, and it slowly dawned on the server what had just happened. We watched the blush creep down from her cheeks to her neck. Alison ignored the fact that our dinner companions had just brought a handjob to climax. Maddy licked a bit more cum from between her fingers. Alison pulled her arm away.

I felt funny in my gut.

Wife strips stories

Alison gritted her teeth. It had never occurred to me that she was showing off much skin. My body felt frozen, I could barely catch my breath, but my penis was still hard for some reason. As we walked out to our car, after paying and bidding Geoff and Maddy adieu, Alison was fuming. My wife squeezed my hand. She is so secure in her youth and her goddamn unwrinkled face. I mean what do you intend to do? Get naked and let Geoff fuck you or something?

Alison was silent for a moment. I need to do this for me, honey. For my own self-esteem. Can you understand that? The next day, our friend Brandon appeared at our home unannounced.

Wife strips stories

I invited him in, sat him at the kitchen table, gave him a beer. Brandon is a big beefy fellow, plays rugby on the weekends, but he seemed to sort of shrink down in his seat. I mean since when does the bride-to-be have any say in the matter, you know?

I watched the sunlight streaming in through the kitchen window, lighting up our bright and cheerful kitchen. My wife appeared at the door in jeans and a t-shirt. Brandon Wife strips stories equally shy with my wife, avoided looking at her. She brought Brandon a beer and one for herself. He gave her a weak smile of thanks. I felt light headed. She drank several big gulps of beer. I relaxed a bit myself. She was blushing, but met my gaze.

My face felt hot. I slammed my empty beer on the table. She came over and started kneading my shoulders. I felt my tension and anger drain away as she massaged me. I felt myself getting hard.

Wife strips stories

But I said nothing. That was one hell of a back rub, I felt like jelly. Brandon dwarfed my wife, her tiny pale hand disappeared into big brown tanned fist, as she led him by the hand out of the kitchen. I sat there in a daze for a few moments. Then I came to my senses a bit and ran down the hall to the bedroom only to find the door locked. I stood there fuming for a moment. What sort of bullshit was this? My wife changing in front of another man.

Was I just supposed to put up with this. I rapped on the door. I could hear an edge of annoyance in her voice, but then I heard music coming from within. Then there was just the music for a while and my imagination ran wild picturing my wife contorting nude before him while Brandon drank in the sight of her body. A few minutes later the door opened and Brandon filled up the doorframe, he was tucking his shirt back into his jeans for some reason.

Alison was there behind him in her satin robe, her legs exposed, clad in fishnets. She gave Brandon a nudge. She ducked back into the bedroom and locked the door on me again. I went back to the kitchen and opened another beer, paced back and forth in the sunshine, brooding in spite of the beautiful Northern California day outside.

Alison appeared in her t-shirt and jeans Wife strips stories and I was about to lay into her when my phone rang. It was Geoff. It will be fun, like wife-swapping. That stopped me dead in my tracks. I looked at my wife guiltily, who was looking back at me guiltily.

I held up and finger and walked into the other room with the phone pressed to my ear. The thought of sexy young Maddy stripping down for me made me forget all of my jealousy over Alison stripping for Brandon or anyone else for that matter. I told Maddy not to hold back. To give you a nice show. You deserve a thrill after fucking the same woman for twenty years. I covered the mic of the phone. Alison bit her finger thoughtfully and turned away.

What a crazy situation. When my wife emerged now and then, she was waving her sweaty palms. I felt the same way. My cock stiffening whenever I picked the seductive Maddy peeling off her clothes for me. Would she give me the same manual stimulation that she gave Geoff in the restaurant? I looked at her in her sequined stripper gown, corset accentuated her hourglass figure, narrow waist, big boobs, wide hips, high slit up the side, showing off those amazing legs, a bit of white thigh Wife strips stories out above the top of her fishnets, long black stripper gloves covering her pale arms to the bicep.

And I wished that I could be there to watch her. And she gave me a peck on the cheek and was walking away. I watched her ass swaying back and forth in the tight dress with interest until the door closed behind her. I texted Maddy that the coast was clear as we had agreed, and I went to pour myself a drink and wait for her.

Wife strips stories

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