When does a woman sexuality peak

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Young people take sex in a relationship and as a part of their overall lifestyle very seriously with rising awareness as well as access to information. But studies have pointed out that people of all ages are having more sex and elderly couples are also putting more effort in their sex life. One in four women also said that they had the best sex of their life between ages of 18 and On the other hand a very small of men mentioned having their best sexual encounter between 18 and The research comes as one that challenges notions that women reach the peak of sexual desire at a later stage than men.

In fact these findings suggest that sex drive in women actually starts fading away a little as they get older. Meanwhile the same for men was seen as higher in their 30s. The research also showed that women value compatibility more than men as mismatch in libido caused issues for 48 percent women in a relationship as compared to 41 percent men. We have updated our Privacy and Cookie Policy. Lifestyle Sex and Relationship 23 Aug Here's when wom LifestyleSex and Relationship.

Updated Aug 23,pm IST. The study also suggested that women give more importance to compatibility of libido in a relationship as compared to men. Sex drive in women starts reducing slowly as they age Photo: Pixabay. Tags: libidoage group. Horoscope 09 OctoberYour Daily Astroguide. Latest From Lifestyle. Alia Bhatt's ad sparks debate.

When does a woman sexuality peak

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When does a woman sexuality peak

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When does a woman sexuality peak When does a woman sexuality peak

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