What to do when you broke

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Did you know that if you type in Wizard of Oz, and click on the sparkly, Ruby Red slippers…you get a surprise? Then if you click on the tornado in the next screen…you get an even cooler one? These are called Google Easter Eggs, and there are many that have been encoded into the search engine by engineers with a sense of humor or, too much time on their hands — you be the judge. Psst: For example, this company will send you a whole box of free sample products! Pretty cool. No shipping costs, either. The goal is to complete 50, words by the end of the month. Who knows who you might meet?

When I peruse the Meetup.

What to do when you broke

You can look for both one-off events, and for groups. Daydreaming and thinking about the future can be fun! Not to mention, productive because you can then pull from this to set up your next savings goal. Print out a free bucket list this one is quite stylish. You can also download these free bucket list ideas for inspiration.

I remember very clearly how much I loved listening to a different segment or half a segment of the Serial crime podcast while making dinner with my infant. Build a fire in your fireplace, or fire pit out back. Then meditate in thought while watching the flickering flames. So, for me AND for you, go ahead and get a ton of bubbles going and bring a book to sink into. Got a bath pillow? Even better. Again, this has changed in my life so much since having. I used to write in my journal weekly. Then monthly after getting married.

But you know what? I absolutely love taking out an old journal and getting lost in the way my life used to flow in my teens, twenties, etc. You can really start to put together patterns that were puzzling the heck out of you back then, but that now you can see so clearly with more wisdom and knowing how it all turned out.

What a treat! Think about someone in your life whom you may not have spoken with for awhile, or you never thanked, or could use some love. Now, think about one thing you could do to be a blessing to them. Could you write them a letter? Call them?

What to do when you broke

Make future plans with them? Can you teach your grandparents some new app that would make a difference to their lives? Psst: check out my 27 opportunities to volunteer from home. Drive, walk, or hike to a place with beautiful sunsets around you and just take it in. Heck, just sit out on your back or front porch. Figure out one author whose work you want to deep-dive into. Then, get a list of the books they wrote, in chronological order you can see their progression as a writer! Not going grocery shopping in-person anytime soon? Then go ahead and challenge yourself to order something exotic to you each time you order your groceries online.

Trying new ingredients is fun! These places love to set up free sample stations. Our HEB in Houston also had a whole cooking station where someone would demo cooking a dish, and then give out hearty samples to everyone. There are also some other types of online wellness and workout videos on YouTube to try out for free:.

What to do when you broke

Print out an intricate, free Mandalagrab whatever set of coloring tools you have, and get lost for an hour. My personal favorites are these Native American Dream Catcher coloring s. I did, when I was a. It turns out that each person's complexion and eye colors and overall tones lends itself to certain color palettes over others.

Using this free tool, colorwise. Now that you know what colors you are, why not learn how to style up the clothes you already own in a totally different and modern way? I get that — I can be a bit of a Type A personality, myself. My husband and I do this about every six months when our storage is just about full.

What to do when you broke

Recently our ice maker stopped working. I waited the obligatory 1. Something else to do while getting your freezer into shape? Is to rotate all the food in it. I always like to reset things back to as close to its original look when I bought it as I possibly can.

What to do when you broke

It gives me such a boost! You might not be leaving the house anytime soon, but when you can? There are tons of places to go when you're bored and broke. Did you know you can look for local flash mob announcements using thison your local area Facebook groups, or searching in Google? What a memorable thing to do! When I was broke, bored, and alone in Florida in my midsI decided to give Habitat for Humanity a try. WOW am I glad that I did — three different times I showed up to a work site and got to actually help build a home for a family.

Do you have a gym membership…to a gym with a sauna? Grab a local foraging book from your library, or check out this U. Forage Map onlineto see what you could find, and set up a foraging hike with a group of friends. Have you ever heard of the Zombies, Run App?

For now? Get the pass, and go to a free yoga class or two. If you live near a city, then you can typically find free exhibits somewhere — might not be at the primo museum where the event is not only free, but there are appetizers and a free glass of wine. Be on the look out for these types of mixers hey, you never know when you might meet another frugal-minded person!

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What to do when you broke

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What to Do When You Are Completely Broke: 8 Steps to Take