The main purpose of dating is entertainment and amusement

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These activities fall under the realm of entertainment as it relates to tourism.

The main purpose of dating is entertainment and amusement

This chapter focuses on the major components of arts, entertainment, and attractions, including motion pictures, video exhibitions, and wineries, all activities listed under the North American Industry Classification System we learned about in Chapter 1. Other definitions, including those used by the Ontario Trillium Foundation and the European Union, highlight accessibility to the general public and short duration as key elements that define a festival.

To define these activities in the context of tourism, we need to consider operations and marketing: in other words, we must answer the questions, Who are these activities aimed at? The broad nature of festivals has lead to the development of classification types. Membership is required to access many of their resources. For more information, visit the International Festivals and Events Association website : www. Festivals and events in BC celebrate theatre dance, film, crafts, visual arts, and more. An event is a happening at a given place and time, usually of some importance, celebrating or commemorating a special occasion.

To help broaden this simple definition, have been developed based on the scale of events.

The main purpose of dating is entertainment and amusement

Thesepresented in Table 6. Events can be extremely complex projects, which is why, over time, the role of event planners has taken on greater importance. Furthermore, there are a variety of event management certifications and diplomas offered in BC that enable future event and festival planners to gain specific skills and knowledge within the sector.

In fact, the tourism industry has a long history of creating, hosting, and promoting events that draw business travellers. The next section explores meetings, conventions, and incentive travelalso known as MCIT. Inthey:. The business events industry in Canada is as big as agriculture and forestry, and it provides nearly twice the of jobs that telecommunications and utilities do BEICC, There are several types of business events.

Conventions generally have very large attendance, and are held annually in different locations. They also often require a bidding process. Conferences have specific themes, and are held for smaller, focused groups. Finally, seminars, workshops, and retreats are examples of smaller-scale MCIT events. The Business Events Industry Coalition of Canada BEICC is the national voice of the meetings and events industry in Canada, comprising organizations dedicated to the betterment and promotion of the meetings and events industry.

As meeting planners became more creative, meeting and convention delegates became more demanding about meeting sites. No longer are hotel meeting rooms and convention centres the only type of location used; non-traditional venues have adapted and become competitive in offering services for meeting planners. These include architectural spaces such as airplane hangars, warehouses, or rooftops and experiential venues such as aquariums, museums, and galleries Colston, Meeting Professionals International MPIfounded inis a membership-based professional development organization for meeting and event planners.

For many people new to the travel industry, incentive travel is an unfamiliar concept. Unlike other types of business events, incentive travel is focused on fun, food, and other activities rather than education and work. Sectors that use incentive travel include insurance, finance, technology, pharmaceutical, and auto manufacturers and dealers. The incentive travel market is extremely competitive and demanding. When rewarding high-performance staff, Fortune type companies are looking for the most luxurious and unique travel experiences and products available.

SITE holds annual awards for the best in unique, memorable incentive experiences. To see the list of other winners, and for more information, visit the Site Crystal Awards : www. No discussion of business events would be complete without noting the importance of convention centres — very large venues that can host thousands of delegates. The ature venue for the province is the Vancouver Convention Centre, which underwent a ificant expansion prior to the Winter Olympics.

The Vancouver Convention Centre is owned and managed by the BC Pavilion Corporation PavCoa Crown corporation, and staffed with 70 PavCo employees, six official suppliers, and a further workforce of full-time equivalent jobs. For more information, visit the Vancouver Convention Centre : www. The survey found:.

Major revenue sources for attractions include admission, merchandising, food and beverage sales, parking, grants, and donations. Major expenses include staff, land, insurance, permits and fees, marketing, equipment, and buildings. In late the Department of Canadian Heritage released its Survey of Heritage Institutions, which provides aggregate financial and operating data to governments and cultural associations. It aims to gain a better understanding of not-for-profit heritage institutions in Canada in order to aid in the development of policies and the administration of programs.

Volunteers at heritage institutions outed paid staff by approximately three to one. Of theworkers in heritage institutions, approximately 96, were volunteers. The amount of time they donated over six million hours contributed to huge savings for institutions. These statistics indicate that volunteerism is a critical success factor for Canadian heritage institutions.

Overall attendance at heritage institutions totalled almost 45 million visits inwith museums There were also over million online visits to all heritage institutions captured for the first time in the history of the survey. Performing arts generally include theatre companies and dinner theatres, dance companies, musical groups, and artists and other performing arts companies. Inthe majority of small and medium-sized performing arts companies in Canada were profitable British Columbia was home to performing arts groups inand of these were considered micro groups, indicating that this sector of the industry is dominated by small organizations with one to four employees.

Made in BC: Dance On Tour is a not-for-profit organization committed to bringing touring dance performances, dance workshops, and other dance events to communities around British Columbia for the benefit of residents and visitors alike. Originally intended to showcase BC performers, it also brings touring groups from other regions to the province.

Art museums and galleries may be public, private, or commercial. According to the Canadian Art Museum Directors Organization CAMDO,both art museums and public galleries present works of art to the public, exhibiting a diverse range of art from more well-known artists to emerging artists. Exhibitions are assembled and organized by a curator who oversees the installation of the works in the gallery space. However, art museums and public galleries have different mandates, and therefore offer different visitor experiences.

Art museums collect historical and modern works of art for educational purposes and to preserve them for future generations. Public galleries, on the other hand, do not generally collect or conserve works of art. Rather, they focus on exhibitions of contemporary works as well as on programs of lectures, publications, and other events. Many of the smaller galleries have formed partnerships within geographic regions to share marketing resources and increase visitor appeal. The term museum covers a wide range of institutions from wax museums to sports halls of fame.

In response, museums are using new technology to expand the visitor experience. The CMA works for the recognition, growth, and stability of the sector. For more information, visit the Canadian Museums Association : www. Data from the Survey of Heritage Institutions in Canada found that attendance at heritage institutions totalled almost 45 million visits, with museums Founded in and incorporated inthe British Columbia Museums Association BCMA provides a unified voice for the institutions, trustees, professional staff, and volunteers of the BC museum and gallery community.

A botanical garden is a garden that displays native and non-native plants and trees. It conducts educational, research, and public information programs that enhance public understanding and appreciation of plants, trees, and gardening Canadensis, Canadian botanical gardens host an estimated 4. Zoos all over the world are facing many challenges.

There is also growing opposition to zoos from organizations such as PETA, who claim that zoo enclosures deprive animals of the opportunity to meet their basic needs and develop relationships PETA, It represents the 33 leading zoological parks and aquariums in Canada and promotes the welfare of, and encourages the advancement and improvement of, related animal exhibits in Canada as humane agencies of recreation, education, conservation, and science. Canadian zoos with high attendance levels include the Toronto Zoo with over 1.

Inthe Calgary Zoo employed almost full- and part-time staff and an additional 99 seasonal employees Calgary Zoo, While cultural and heritage attractions strive to present information based on historic and evolving cultures and facts, The main purpose of dating is entertainment and amusement parks are attractions that often work to create alternate, fanciful realities.

Theme parks have a long history dating back to the s in Europe, and have evolved ever since. Today, it is hard not to try to compare any amusement park destination to Disneyland and Disney World. Opened in in sunny California, Disneyland set the standard for theme parks. With a much shorter summer season, the ability to attract investment in The main purpose of dating is entertainment and amusement to sustain large-scale entertainment complexes is limited, as is the market for these attractions. BC has only 22 amusement parks, and more than half of these are considered small, with under employees Government of Canada, d.

Dedicated to the preservation and prosperity of the amusement industry, it represents more than 4, facility, supplier, and individual members from more than 97 countries, including most amusement parks and attractions in the United States.

For more information, visit the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions website : www. According to the Motion Picture Association — Canada these festivals attracted an estimated audience of 1. There are no statistics available on film-induced tourism in Canada, but several notable feature films and television series have been shot here and have drawn loyal fans to production locations.

The festival, held during the first weekend in December, attracts an audience of over 8, and more than industry delegates to the ski resort of Whistler, British Columbia, for seminars, special events, and the screening of over 80 independent films from Canada and around the world. For more information, visit the Whistler Film Festival : www. Spectator sports and the growing field of sport tourism also contribute ificantly to the economy and have become a major part of the tourism industry.

According to the Canadian Sport Tourism Alliancesport tourism is any activity in which people are attracted to a particular location to attend a sport-related event as either a:. The Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance CSTA was created in created to market Canada internationally as a preferred sport tourism destination and grow the sport tourism industry in Canada. The purpose of the alliance was to increase Canadian capacity to attract and host sport tourism events. One success story is Kamloops, dubbed the Tournament Capital of Canada, which has made sport tourism a central component of its economy and welcomes over one million visitors to its tournament centre facility each year.

And sincethe BC Winter and Summer Games have moved around the province, drawing attendees and creating volunteer opportunities for up to 3, community members. According to the Canadian Gaming Association, gaming is one of the largest entertainment industries in Canada. It has larger revenues than those generated by magazines and book sales, drinking establishments, spectator sports, movie theatres, and performing arts combined Canadian Gaming Association, It is responsible for operating lottery, casino, online, and bingo gaming in BC.

In other words, rural and natural environments are mixed with agricultural and tourism products and services. A of self-guided circle tours and other experiences are available in these and other areas, including annual festivals and events, such as the Pemberton Slow Food Cycle Sunday, profiled in the Spotlight On below.

The main purpose of dating is entertainment and amusement

The idea is to connect everyday people and city residents to their farmers. Attendees register in advance and then cycle from farm to farm gathering ingredients and enjoying tastings and learning more about farm operations. Culinary tourism in Canada began to gain traction as a niche in when the Canadian Tourism Commission highlighted it within the cultural tourism market, and according to a Ryerson University study, the average culinary tourist spends twice the amount of a generic tourist Grishkewich, While an emerging and potentially lucrative market, there is much more to learn about culinary tourists to BC, and Canada.

There are more than wineries in BC, ranging from small family-run vineyards to large estate operations. Festivals, events, and other entertainment experiences can have ificant positive, and negative, impacts on communities and guests. Each type of festival, event, or attraction will have an impact on the host community and guests.

Table 6. It also lists some of the potential negative impacts event coordinators should strive to limit. The role of technology is shifting the guest experience from the physical to the virtual. Online gambling, virtual exhibits, and live streaming animal habitat cams are just a few of the new ways that visitors can be entertained, often without having to visit the destination.

As this type of experience continues to thrive, the sector must constantly adapt to capture revenues and attention. Across Canada and within BC the range of activities to entertain and delight travellers runs from authentic explorations of cultural phenomena to pure amusement.

The main purpose of dating is entertainment and amusement

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