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Updated: October 8, pm. Rich: Thanks for sharing your experience in Atlanta with the young soldier. It was very thoughtful of him to give you the flag patch. I support our troops whether the wars are right or wrong. They are there doing their jobs and fighting for us and our freedom. If a war is wrong, as Vietnam was, it our government that is wrong not our servicemen! I'll keep your mother-in-Law in my prayers. I just wanted to post this note to state how proud I am of my son John and the other firefighters of Mansfield and around the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. John and fellow firefighters will be honored by the governor later this month and his mother and I are very proud of all of them and especially John.

Great job, son! An alphabetical directory of out-of-town and local visitors to the Guestbook follows the comments. Comments remain posted for at least a month and are printed periodically as Letters from Home on the Opinion s of The Sun Chronicle.

A note on style: Please do not send entries or names in all capital letters or in all lower-case letters. Hello, all. We just got back from our seven-day trip to North Attleboro. It was a mixed bag since my mother-in-law ended up in the hospital on Saturday after a fall. She is still there, so prayers please? My dad-in-law is in a nursing home and he is "in and out" so all that is sad to see. I pray for them daily. We attempted to get together for out Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday since all are scattered on Thanksgiving Day.

So all but three made it. Four made it because of the hospital incident. The same night we dropped in on my 45th reunion of the Class of Everyone I saw and spoke to was very nice and many were fans of my comments in the Guestbook.

They tell me I have a fan club. Must be a "silent majority fan club. We enjoyed our stay with my sister-in-law and her lovely family. We left just as the welcome was wearing out. Ha ha ha. I did not make the game, but am happy that North won. Really hope Attleboro can make this the close rivalry it once was, though.

Submissive slave boi seeking Attleboro Massachusetts confident dominant female

At our stopover in Atlanta on the way up, we conversed with two young soldiers in desert camo who were just arriving for two weeks leave at home. They were, as I said, very young and very enthusiastic about their task over there. Many people spoke with them and shook their hands in support. It was wonderful. I told them about how I hope their welcomes continue to be positive and how it was for some from the Vietnam era. They said they were aware of that from stories they have heard how to make me feel oldand that they think it is awful that that happened to American troops under any circumstances.

Later on as I sat chatting with my wife, I felt a tap on the shoulder. It was one of the young soldiers. He said, "Excuse me, I have something for you. I will carry it always as a symbol of my support for those brave young men and women protecting us from the world's latest crop of murdering butchers. God bless them and God bless their mission.

If anyone knows how to get in touch with Jay Rixon, please pass this message along. Happy 40th. We should be at a Pats' game like old times. Dear Peter: God bless you and your family! Always keep the faith, my friend, and know that when two or more gather in His name miracles happen!

You are in our thoughts and best wishes for a wonderful holiday season! We are looking for our Uncle Ron Lefebvre who was living with a niece of his in Attleboro. She lives over on Wilmarth. We know that our uncle has to be deceased, but I have been through the archives looking for his obit and can't find one. We got a phone call Saturday regarding an apartment we had interviewed for. At first it seemed the apartment was going to another family but by afternoon it was ours. Its small but its home, and we are grateful to all those who took the time to pray for us. It was overwhelming the of e-mails we received.

May God bless those who showed us compassion when we needed it most. I have been quite busy and have not been able to catch up with reading the paper on line. Being a holiday weekend I did have time to read and see how things are going in Attleboro. I see the soap box is still standing strong. To Rich Howard, it looks like you refer to the United States as being solely yours when you write "my county. To Christine Olson: I say you have hit the nail on the head! Thank You! We had so many good teachers at Plainville Elementary. I remember Miss Wood, Mrs. Medlicott, Miss Zajack, Mrs.

Stewart and Mrs. They encouraged us to read and learn. I loved the old Plainville Library in the little old red house. It did indeed feel like you were reading at home. I remember Al Paulus's gas station. That is where we bought our Christmas tree every year. My sisters and I would often walk to Bankie's service station on Route 1 to buy a bottle of coke. So many good memories …. To Peter and his family who are looking for affordable housing: I hope there is someone in your area who can help you soon.

My prayers will be with you and, please, if there is anyone who can help this family, now, more than any other time, is the time of year to do so. My wife and I and our toddler son have been living in a rented home. It has been sold and we have to out by Dec. We have two male cats. They are 8 years old. They have always been indoors, they are fixed and declawed.

I am employed as a landscaper, but I also do some remodeling-renovation-handyman work. I'm an artist and I'm a Christian. So if you read this and have any ideas, please let us know, please! We have great credit and references, just don't have enough money to afford a mortgage. Thank you. I am glad you share all those good memories, Ina! Of course we all remember Ms. Such a delightful Submissive slave boi seeking Attleboro Massachusetts confident dominant female who I always credit my love for learning to. Happy Thanksgiving to all!! Does anyone remember any of the elementary school teachers they had in Attleboro?

I went to Tiffany Elemantary from to My very favorite teacher was Ms. Sad, that this old school is no longer a school. Does anyone know what year was the last year of it being a school? What happened to all the awesome teachers? I bet they went on to Studley or the Junior High. I forgot what the name of that was, but my older brother went there. I have a ton of excellent momories of Tiffany School.

If anyone has any, or any info on the old school, please write! Hey, to everyone on the Guestbook and all of Attleboro, "Happy Thanksgiving and God's blessings to all! Thinking of you, Rich H. God bless you! My gosh! The NAHS class of '58 is having its 45th reunion this weekend!

Submissive slave boi seeking Attleboro Massachusetts confident dominant female

We spent many hours roaming the fields behind "MO" Falk's the son's farm. Even played basketball inside their cow barn. Even worked a few weeks helping deliver fresh milk from their milk truck. I was about 10 at the time and dropped a bottle and didn't go back! I remember the railroad bridge on West Bacon street and the other at the end of Fletcher Street. I also remember walking home at the end of Fletcher Street from Whiting's pond in the middle of the winter with skates on my feet because my hands were so cold I couldn't untie my skates. Thanks for allowing me to go back to a simpler time and remember the times that shaped a young boy's life.

While you're ing your name, why don't you put your phoneaddress and Social Security too, so every freak in the world can look you up after you tell them to "burn in hell. It's not the sane, rational, God-fearing "neighborhood" that you grew up in and there's always someone reading your comments that does not understand them as you have intended. If I want you to know my name, I'll e-mail you. Have a warm and safe Holiday Season.

Submissive slave boi seeking Attleboro Massachusetts confident dominant female

This is regarding the practice of just ing first names. I'm firm on my opinions, and I can leave it with that. But, we have seen where others have responded with e-mails to the people they disagree with. Who's to say it would stop with that. We don't really KNOW each other. For example, look at the pro-lifers who kill doctors and staff at abortion clinics.

Some of the most "Bible spouting" are the most dangerous.

Submissive slave boi seeking Attleboro Massachusetts confident dominant female

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Submissive slave boi seeking Attleboro Massachusetts confident dominant female