Sex in new orleans

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A on Bourbon Street. Photo by Chris Granger, Nola. New Orleans is famous for its relaxed attitude, especially on Bourbon Street. But there is a seedy side to letting the good times roll. Pimps use some strip clubs on Bourbon as a recruiting ground, our investigation found. Some former dancers told reporters that the management where they danced condoned or ignored prostitution and illegal drug use in the clubs' private rooms and bathrooms. Despite an undercover operation two years ago by the state that revealed prostitution and drug use thriving in some clubs, not enough has been done to curb the practices.

Sex in new orleans

But Thursday, the City Council started a process that could lead to a limit on strip clubs and eventually to fewer of them. City Councilwoman at-large Stacy Head, who cited the newspaper's investigation as inspiration, proposed a zoning change capping strip clubs at 13 in the French Quarter. That is the currently operating. The council voted unanimously to direct the City Planning Commission to hold a hearing on the Sex in new orleans limits. Head's proposal also would allow only one strip club per block in the Vieux Carre Entertainment District, which runs six blocks along Bourbon Street.

The per block limit would not apply to existing clubs, unless they were shuttered for a violation for more than six months. Limiting the of clubs seems like a reasonable way to curb problems with what Ms. Head called an "intense use" that fosters criminal activity. In addition, the Landrieu administration has hired an outside attorney who has worked with several local governments nationwide to draw up stricter laws for adult entertainment.

The lawyer is reviewing the city's comprehensive zoning ordinance, the alcoholic beverage code, mayoralty permits and the Sex in new orleans code. There is no reason enforcement can't start today on all of the laws that are extremely clear and easy to enforce related to all business with intense uses, particularly those in the French Quarter," Ms. Head said Wednesday. She is right. The law restricts the distance customers are supposed to be from dancers and forbids touching, for example. That ought to be routinely enforced. Enforcement needs to go beyond that, though.

Reporters found that there had been little follow up since the October undercover investigation by ATC into illegal activity in clubs. The clubs entered into consent orders that included taking steps to monitor illegal activity, and some clubs say they have installed cameras in private spaces and fired employees who broke the rules.

But ATC enforcement records show that undercover agents made only 10 visits to French Quarter strip clubs in the past 22 months to check for prostitution and sex trafficking. ATC records showed agents checked only seven of the 13 strip clubs in that time period. NOPD does even less to quash illegal behavior in and around strip clubs, and the two agencies don't really work together. Covenant House, which gets most of the sex trafficking victim referrals in New Orleans under a U.

Department of Justice grant, has worked with victims since Januaryaccording to its records. Seventeen of those victims reported having sex in private rooms or a bathroom in French Quarter strip clubs, and nearly half said they were under the control of a pimp.

One victim, a runaway who was trafficked as a year-old, described her experience in federal court last year. She said she spent several weeks being forced to walk Bourbon Street, meet strange men and talk them into taking her to nearby hotels for sex. I'm terrified that I'll never get this concept of life out of my head that sex sells and it's normal for women to barter sex to men.

Sex in new orleans

New Orleans has looked the other way as Bourbon Street turned into a sex district. If we tolerate the conditions that allow young people to be victims of sex traffickers, we are complicit in their pain. That must end now. Edit Close. Toggle. Purchases made via links on our site may earn us an affiliate commission. These are 10 of the best espresso makers and accessories on sale now. Notice: We are experiencing issues with the Facebook comment tool and are working to resolve them. View comments. Follow Us.

Sex in new orleans Sex in new orleans

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