Sam massage san diego

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Our therapists specialize in a client-first environment. Their communication prior to your event allows for a seamless transition from set-up to take-down. With the wide-ranging benefits of massage, it is the perfect complement to any event or party! Our team shows up with everything needed to provide a quality massage experience. Our Chair Massage Program also offers services specific to corporate environments.

Sam massage san diego

Trained massage therapists will grant your employees relaxation and relief. Tiffany Fields PhDhave shown that work site massages not only reduce stress and increase productivity, but can also result in lower absenteeism. Field, T. Just as you want to know if we can help you, we want to be sure our team will be a good fit for your particular needs. Call or fill out a form below to get in touch with us and have your questions answered.

We have compiled a list of the most common questions we get in our office. Audra was born in a tiny town in Illinois. She grew up playing all different sports, but in high school, found a passion for running. During that time, she attended physical therapy and developed a strong interest in that as a Sam massage san diego path.

She applied for the Doctoral Physical Therapy program at St. Ambrose University as a junior in high school and was accepted. She obtained her undergraduate degree at St. Ambrose University inand then continued on to get her Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy in Her graduate school education was fostered by a small class size, which allowed faculty members to provide personalized, one-on-one attention to all students.

She moved to California to finish her last clinical rotation and has since fallen in love with all of the outdoor activities that sunny San Diego has to offer. Outside of work, Audra enjoys going on adventures with her sweet doggie, hiking, camping, skiing, and of course, enjoying frequent days at the beach. She has also taken introductory yoga instructor classes, and incorporates that knowledge into her treatments as well. Audra is excited to the team here at Catalyst to expand her knowledge in Applied Functional Science, and continue on her path of helping others to achieve their health and wellness goals!

Rebecca is a physical therapist with a specialty in pelvic health. She originally hails from Wisconsin, but received her undergraduate degree from the University of Minnesota in Sam massage san diego, where she graduated with her doctorate in Rebecca feels a strong alignment with Catalyst because of their holistic approach to patient care, and integration with Eastern Medicine practices. She looks forward to bringing her knowledge and passion for pelvic health to the Catalyst community! She also enjoys yoga, and a good half-marathon now and then. Alex is the co-owner and founder of Catalyst Performance.

Alex has been involved with elite sports the majority of his life and has always had a strong passion for helping his clients reach their sport performance goals. Alex was raised in London, England before transitioning to the States as he pursued a career as a professional tennis player. Through countless hours of training as an elite athlete and many rehabilitation sessions, Alex developed an understanding of the unique demands being placed on the body.

Through his work with Brian, Alex was drawn to the applied functional sports science approach, which he knew would assist in helping his clients reduce injuries and achieve optimum output in their respective sports. Alex has used his past professional playing and coaching experience to help mold his expertise and passion for helping elite athletes of all ages and across all disciplines.

After teaming up with Brian, Alex has continued to pursue the mission of ensuring everyone has access to elite training, wellness and bodywork services that help in achieving their individual performance goals. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business having worked in operations management and insurance technology for large US corporations. I am very excited to be a part of the Catalyst team. After working as a PT Aide with Catalyst Physical Therapy and Wellness during my gap year, I plan on going to graduate school to earn my doctorate in physical therapy.

For fun, I like to hike and go to the beach. I also enjoy filmmaking as a hobby. I grew up here in San Diego and love everything about the lifestyle, so I hope to continue my life here. Some of my hobbies include surfing, working out, watching sports, hanging out with friends, and going to see live music.

My plans for the future are to apply to Sam massage san diego school this upcoming fall and become a d physical therapist afterwards. Respectful, tolerant and patient. Traveling and visiting different countries has made me sensitive to different cultures, races and religions. I speak English, Spanish and basic Italian. I have a little bit of them in my heart. My passion is to dance and to share what I have learned in life. Of course, my family is part of my portrait. As a Holistic Health Practitioner, I have more than 1, hours learning and practicing different modalities and techniques.

Each time we meet you will discover more about your own treasure…your body! I was born and raised in Illinois in a very athletic, competitive family. I am the middle of 3 boys, so things were usually pretty crazy growing up. I have one daughter, who is now married and has started a family of her own. After 25 years in the manufacturing industry, in I decided it was time to make some life changes. My goal is to work with athletes of all ages and skill levels. I am extremely passionate about helping people in all athletic aspects, including the recovery process and becoming the best they can be!

I look forward to working with such a talented and experienced staff. The environment at CPTW is one that will allow me to grow as a practitioner, and become the best I can be. I was born in the suburbs of Chicago, and attended San Diego State University for my undergraduate studies.

I just recently graduated, and now call San Diego my home! Throughout my adolescence my passion was dancing ballet, contemporary, and jazz until I had my fair share of injuries before college. Now I enjoy exercising, yoga, snowboarding, water skiing, and of course, relaxing on the beach!

My interest in physical therapy grew from my multiple experiences as a patient, and I hope to attend graduate school next year to become a d Physical Therapist. I would love to work with professional dancers in the future, and help them live out their dreams. That coupled with my love for sports eventually attracted me to this career choice. Along with sports, I love photography and to capture events and music festivals.

I hope to become a Physical Therapist in the future, and start helping people with healing hands! Paul became interested in physical therapy after his time on the treatment table with multiple shoulder injuries due to baseball and throwing. He obtained his doctorate in physical therapy from the University of Southern California in SincePaul has treated a variety of patients with orthopedic injury and dysfunction in an outpatient setting.

Sam massage san diego

InPaul returned to PLNU to teach in the Kinesiology and Biology departments, where he continues to actively work as both an adjunct and part-time professor. He also mentors upperclassmen in the Internship in Kinesiology course, guiding juniors and seniors into physical and occupational therapy fields.

Additionally, Paul teaches Gross Anatomy, where he instructs undergraduate and graduate students through an in-depth laboratory course involving musculoskeletal anatomy and biomechanical analysis of the human body. His treatment philosophy is to listen to patients, and develop personalized Sam massage san diego meaningful treatment programs that leaves them moving better than when they came in for therapy.

Outside of work, Paul lives an active lifestyle including road cycling, mountain biking, paddle boarding and hiking. Paul and his wife, Kari, have two young sons, Griffin and Easton. His journey towards physical therapy began as a high school biology teacher and varsity soccer coach in an urban school district in Kansas City, Missouri where he grew up. He, like many of his colleagues, trained athletes the way he had been coached only to find out that not all bodies are built to withstand the same rigors of sport and life. Seeking out advice on how to cure his injured athletes, Brian stumbled into an open house for physical therapy.

From that night on, Brian has been on a mission to change the way people treat their bodies. He routinely draws from his teaching and coaching days to help people from all ages and walks of life to find purpose behind working out and becoming healthy. He uses his infectious personality to motivate others, regardless of their current status, to grow beyond their prior level of function and become better than they ever knew possible.

When Brian is not in the clinic with patients, he can be found teaching and inspiring other professionals striving to become the best in the health and wellness industry. He knows there is a lack of communication in the health industry between Eastern and Western health practitioners, and he seeks to change that through the expansion of holistic wellness studios, like Catalyst.

During his free time, Brian finds his greatest joy in getting to be a kid again while playing with his 3 children and wife, Alicia.

Sam massage san diego

Adam specializes in the evaluation and treatment of orthopedic injuries. He blends his eclectic manual therapy skills with focused therapeutic exercise for a personalized plan of care. Upon graduating from his Doctorate program, Adam received the Student Participation Award from the New York Physical Therapy Association for leadership qualities, initiative, involvement in community activities and humanitarian concerns. In his past life, he was a portrait photographer traveling around the world for various advertising and editorial clients, as well as showing his fine art work in NYC galleries.

Adam loves being outside and spending time with his family. When not at work he can be found working with his hands on a craft project, fermenting vegetables, making pizza dough from scratch, and reading nonfiction.

Sam massage san diego

Adam likes to stay active via hiking, rock climbing, surfing, playing tennis, and he loves a pull-up contest. Missy is a native San Diegan and received both her undergraduate and graduate degrees from San Diego State University. As part of her graduate work, Missy had the privilege of working at Catalyst for an 8-week clinical rotation, where she learned from and worked alongside Kristen and Brian.

She also had the opportunity to do a mixed orthopedic and pediatric rotation at another clinic, which inspired her to become both an orthopedic and pediatric therapist so she can work with patients of all ages. As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Missy loves being able to combine her love of treating musculoskeletal injuries in adults as well as helping kids of all ages achieve milestones and interact more easily with the world around them.

Emily was born and raised in Ohio and moved to San Diego in to experience better weather and new adventures. She is an American Physical Therapy Sam massage san diego certified Clinical Instructor, and has taken many students under her wing as part of their didactic clinical training. The daughter of two retired teachers, Emily has learned the value of education. She enjoys educating her patients about the cause of their injury and the importance of all aspects of their physical therapy journey.

She suffered a season-ending, severe knee injury during a senior year, high school basketball game.

Sam massage san diego

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