Oklahoma city lost pets

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The following is a list of other municipal shelters or animal control agencies in our vicinity; understand that these facilities only take animals found within their municipality:.

Bringing the found pet to the shelter is the best option for all involved as we urge everyone who has lost a pet to visit our facility. This greatly increases the chances of lost pets being reunited with their owners.

If you choose not to bring a found pet to the shelter, you should do everything in your power to return the animal to the owner. This might include posting flyers in your neighborhood, posting on Craigslist, Facebook, etc. Understand that animals are considered property by law and finding a pet does not automatically constitute you as its new owner.

Being that you took full responsibility as to care for and feed the animal, you may be legally asked to pay surrender fees to the animal shelter when you bring it in. Do not call Midwest City Animal Welfare will only accept stray animals and owner surrenders from the city limits of Midwest City. All others must go through their local municipality.

If you found a pet in the city limits of Midwest City, you should immediately bring it to our facility located at North East 36th Street between Midwest Boulevard and Sooner Road. If you have lost a pet, you should come to the shelter in person located at North East 36th Street between Midwest Boulevard and Sooner Road.

No information will be given to you in regards to a lost or found pet via the telephone.

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Oklahoma city lost pets

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