Nyc foot parties

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Nyc foot parties

Share Share with:. Link: Copy link. Switch to Print View - 17 posts. I stumbled upon the website and it was interesting. To make sure I am not walking into a room of cameras and a pilot episode for a TV show, I just wanted to see if anyone else has ever checked them out.

I guess I should include the site: www. Never heard of this particular place, but it could be ok? The photos of the women seemed Nyc foot parties, but none of them would make me plunk down bucks to spend an hour with them. RVD wrote: To make sure I am not walking into a room of cameras and a pilot episode for a TV show, I just wanted to see if anyone else has ever checked them out.

Once I check out this place I'll let everyone know how it went Forget it. It's shut down. Both the foot pad and the parties. We did nothing wrong. Nothing illegal was going on Well they crashed the party. They said Every guy in here is here for sex not foot fetish". I mean the parties are the cleanest you can find now and they still have this type of control to just shut it down.

It was disgusting. The NYPD is so dirty and racist it scares me. Spending time with them in the car on the way to the station and hearing them talking I was shocked to hear the type of things that come out of their mouths. Scary my friends. Nobody else was arrested except me thank God and all got to go home that night.

There was nothing that had to do with foot pad, but first of all the girls that worked at foot pad were too scared to continue working so they quit, and besides I need to just step away from everything right now and re-group. So now thanks to Nyc foot parties bunch of ignorant racists asshole cops dozens of college students making money legally have all lost their jobs People literally plan their NY vacations around the parties. Good, friendly people that are just trying to have fun.

When I came back to NY a year ago to start up again I did say that after cleaning up my business so much if they ever come back and arrest me again i'm done. Well that situation has happened. I don't think I will ever do this again in NYC. I love you guys and I will miss you.

Thanks to them NYC is becoming disney land instead of a fun exciting place like other big cities in the world where this would never happen. Love Jason Ain't that America Mankind1 wrote: Forget it. I didnt want to be the first to mention this sad info. Love Jason I didnt want to be the first to mention this sad story.

I didnt want to be the first to mention this sad news. I feel sorry for Jasoncause he really didnt do anything. They clearly had some issues, not the least of which was having to deal with complaining neighbors with the traffic coming in and out of their apartment, and likely listing an actual price in their website, which is usually a tipoff to the cops that money is being exchanged for services.

Nyc foot parties

Though I would have never gone there, it's too bad it got shut down. Though if they couldn't charge him with anything, I don't know how he got arrested and jailed or why he didn't make bail so he could have left immediately. There is probably a lot more to this story on both sides.

I just want to clear this up quickly given that I am a very good friend of the person involved and run a foot fetish party in London. FWP NYC was closed temporarily due to a technicality and the only charge was illegal liquor sales, which will be dropped in no time as not one drop was ever sold and it was all given away or BYOB.

It simply won't stand up in court. The place is extremely Nyc foot parties. He is going to be taking action against the police and communities that fight against injustice to the public by the police and fight to change the way police treat the fetish community. So it's all good, foot lickers can carry on licking! I went to his establishment years ago prior to any Party Events were schedulded Jason was hip, cool and very personable. Place was clean and it is a shame that once again our fetish is kicked to the curb. Sorry Jason for your woes So has this place returned? Has anyone tried it?

Don't want to get arrested Tyler Durden. Yeah was wondering about this place as well. Anybody tried it yet? They will provide the address when you call for a session. It is in a nice neighborhood that is pretty easy to get to. They operate out of a small apartment and I must say that I was treated very respectfully. Christine was very nice and personable, and her feet were amazing.

The pictures on the site don't do justice to her overall beauty or her delicious feet. She prepped for our session Nyc foot parties wearing leather soled ballet slippers and her feet smelled fantastic. She is a theatre actress and has been dancing for several years. The feel of arches wrapped perfectly around my face and the scent of her delicate soles was intoxicating. She was also glad to engage of few of my fantasies and allowed me to kiss, nibble and lick her feet in various poses that I suggested. I asked her to sit cross legged and to sit barefoot with her soles exposed.

Positions I might see a beautiful girl hold her feet in, but since I'm not a criminal, would never act on my desire to kiss or touch them. It was nice. Overall a great foot fetish experience to kiss Christine's beautiful pampered feet unabashedly for 2 hours.

Do they allow you to releieve yourself while enjoying them? Or are you stuck with a hard on for the entire thing because I know thery're not allowed to help you with that but I'm not sure about relieving yourself during the session, and possibly multiple times. I heard from a lot of people that NY is such a prude state, and you can't touch strippers and such. The no touch rule or some such BS there. Maybe someone can set me straight on that for those that live there.

I guess if you just like licking toes and such is okay, but if you want a footjob or something else forget it. I would never go to a strip club or foot party if you couldn't let loose. Leaving with a hard on is unacceptable. Tapatalk promotion.

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Nyc foot parties Nyc foot parties

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