My boyfriend wants space how long should i wait

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By Chris Seiter. To understand that, we need to give you a primer on attachment styles. For years, people in our private Facebook support group have been telling us that we need to look into attachment styles and study them. Even though it took us a while, when we actually got down to analyzing and understanding attachment styles, it was like a series of light bulbs going off. In simpler terms, our upbringing, our experiences growing up, our parents, our childhood all inform our attachment style. It basically means how we are going to handle relationships in general.

They arguably care about relationships more than any other attachment style, which weirdly makes them cool. The most common conflict arises between the two polar opposite attachment styles — anxious and avoidant. It usually becomes a battle between someone striving for an extreme level of intimacy and emotional vulnerability vs. This is an important one since most exes tend to be avoidant, so keep your eyes open for this one. A lot of people think that someone with an avoidant attachment style will avoid relationships altogether, but this is not true.

They do form relationships; however, they find ways of staying distant within the confines of a relationship.

My boyfriend wants space how long should i wait

You see this a lot when it comes to expressing emotions or dealing with conflict. They are likely to withdraw or simply avoid deep conversations or emotionally vulnerable situations. We have found that a lot of our clients tend to be anxious, and a lot of their exes tend to be avoidant, so you can imagine the volatile cocktail this partnering turns into. You have one person who cares way too much about the relationship, and on the other hand, you have a person who wants a relationship, but they are scared of intimacy or being emotionally close to someone, which in a breakup.

Hence the existence of this website. After the first two, we have the fearful attachment style. The fearful attachment is a weird combination between the anxious and the avoidant attachment styles. We are not professional psychologists who can simply diagnose what attachment style your ex inhibits, but we can observe their behaviors and make an educated guess.

As mentioned before, their behaviors are a combination of the worst parts of an anxious attachment style and an avoidant attachment style. Finally, we have the secure attachment style, which can be equated to the holy grail of attachment styles. Secure individuals will show a healthy balance of healthy attachment behavior on the one hand and healthy exploratory behaviors on the other hand in intimate relationships.

They are comfortable with closeness and mutual dependency. People with secure attachment styles actively seek emotional support from their partners and can actively initiate and give emotional support to their partners. They are also comfortable being alone. The ultimate goal of any relationship should be for both parties to work towards a secure attachment style.

My boyfriend wants space how long should i wait

As we mentioned at the beginning of this piece, we believe that a lot of our clients seem to be turning their exes off because of their anxious behavior. We also believe that a lot of their exes seem to have avoidant tendencies. So, if we operate under the assumption that your ex is exhibiting avoidant tendencies then our understanding of why space is so effective becomes clearer.

The key to tackling avoidants is to understand how long it takes them to miss you and why. Avoidants have an entirely different approach to missing exes than other attachment styles. In other words, constantly texting them or NOT giving them space causes them to avoid you and withdraw from you even more. However, if you take the opposite approach and actually give them space, something interesting happens. For this to work, you have to be patient, which is a struggle for anxious people.

However, if you are patient, avoidant attachment styles will begin to long and miss you. An avoidant style person is only going to miss you, long for you, or romanticize the past breakup if they think there is no chance the two of you will ever get back together. That is the only time that they will give themselves permission to begin missing you. This helpfully explains how space can be an effective method for gaining avoidant exes back.

As mentioned in examples, the conflict and turmoil between the anxious and avoidant types are inevitable. It is pivotal that one person in the relationship is working towards or has achieved a secure attachment style for it to work out. When this is not the case, space is an essential tool that you will need to optimize to make sure that you are doing what is required. You cannot control when your ificant other grows towards the secure attachment style, but you can work towards it independently.

These acts do not work, especially if there are avoidant tendencies within your ex, because it turns them off and causes them to withdraw. They do not want that level of closeness or intimacy because they are currently incapable of properly receiving or giving it back, so their best course of action is getting distant or, in severe cases, blocking or ghosting you.

Basically, they want nothing to do with you. They will only give themselves permission to miss you or long for you when enough time has gone by, and more importantly, when they think you have started to or have actually moved on. So, how do you handle this situation? Our team has started to talk about an interesting concept.

Although it is not necessarily original, it is something that we are trying to coin as original and finetune as is pivotal for you to handle this situation. We believe that there is a fundamental gravity between secure attachment styles and all other insecure attachment styles.

It can be easily explained by thinking of an avoidant personality getting into a relationship with a secure personality. That secure person will draw the avoidant more towards secure behaviors because they are okay with being alone. The avoidant personality appreciates that space as they feel that they can retain their independence. The same pattern can be witnessed in the pairing of a secure person and an anxious person. A secure person will be okay with being vulnerable in a relationship, giving the anxious person what they need in the relationship, and setting a clear boundary regarding when things are not normal.

Secure people, unlike avoidants, communicate this in a nice way which le to the anxious person exhibiting more secure tendencies. Most of the time, all our efforts focus on these odd ways of trying to help you exhibit more secure tendencies.

One of the reasons we implement the space aspect using the no-contact rule is to help you with this. Not only can it help your ex miss you or long for you simply by giving them space, but it can also help you give yourself enough time to heal and become a more secure personality, helping you obtain that gravity that pulls your ex towards you. We know that this piece was more technical than the others, which turns most people off, but the gravity of the topic required it to be explained technically.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. My now ex just ended our relationship today. We were My boyfriend wants space how long should i wait 4 years and as much as I would love for him to come back it will never happen. All I can do is try and work on myself. My ex and I recently broke up.

My boyfriend wants space how long should i wait

The last month or so he started getting very distant and asking me and more and more to leave him alone so he can have me time. He told me there were a few times I invaded his boundaries and he started getting bothered by very little things such as if I texted him too much, etc. I initiated the no contact because as much as I love seeing him I want us to get back together. I made many mistakes by invading his personal space due to my own issues with anxiety and I believe that is what pushed him away.

Hey Hetvi, I would say that your ex just needs some hepace more than anything. Be sure to follow the NC rule and work on yourself in that time. This article would be useful to you too…. I really want this to work but not talking to him gives me great anxiety but I want to make this work. What can I do?? Hi Ellie, you need to work on yourself and follow a No Contact period, this article could also be useful to you. He recently spent 5 years in jail and a month after he got out he found me and we started hangin out then eventually started dating. After a few months he just stopped coming aroundhe would still talk to mesometimes he was shortsometimes he was all about me.

After week 3 of not seeing him I broke it off. He has me so confused because of his confusion. What do I do? Do I stand any chance of getting him back. He watches all my Instagram stories and also said we both just need time to heal and have space.

Also he opened up to me recently about why he acts the way he does and for some reason the next day I sabotaged it all by looking at his instagram and seeing one of his friends had a sexy go up and it looked like he added it freshly to his. Now to give you some background of me I have been severely cheated on several times by past serious relationships. He deleted tinder straight away to when we first got together. I am way down on his priority list due to demanding work and he has kids on and off.

We had a few amazing dates just the red flags in between and the lack of communication sometimes. I need to work on my trust issues My boyfriend wants space how long should i wait he has issues from a toxic marriage he was in and we both have anxiety and self esteem issues.

ed up for burlesque classes and doing a course to start my own business. Yet I still obsess and miss him and see him watch my Instagram stories everyday and gives me the tinder pang of hope. My boyfriend wanted to break up because he is having problems with his mental health.

He tells me that it was not my fault and that he needed time to process things. I bombarded him with messages the day he told me that we should break up because he just suddenly decided on his own. Now, I only messaged once, telling him that I hope he is feeling better and such. It is devastating not talking to him and I miss him so much. I felt things were going well. We both have very busy lives with kids and work etc.

My boyfriend wants space how long should i wait

We have stuff in common and have fun. My boyfriend and I have been long distanced he lives in Toronto and I live in Philadelphia. It completely blindsided me as I have been applying and interviewing for jobs and the plan was for me to move summer He responds and admits that for the past month he has been hiding a potential cancer diagnosis.

Which is valid! He asked me to respect his wishes for now. So I am giving him space but I have this fixation on wanting him to know that I want to be there. I am in a realtionship for more than 3 years and everything is perfect but suddenly, everything changes,he started ignoring me and my brother told me to give him space, and I am the only one who chase after him wherever we fought. Hi Kaira, you need to give him some space just as your brother said stick with the 30 days plan to see if he gets in touch before now.

Hi My boyfriend asked for space and time for himself. We dated two years and it was hard for both of us to hear this. I know that we had some arguments but I realize now looking outside of the relationship that those can be fixed.

My boyfriend wants space how long should i wait

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If A Partner Asks For Space, Here's How Long To Give It To Them