Mumbai what state

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Like Delhi, Mumbai deserves to be a city state. This is what the political opponents of the Thackeray cousins should demand. The issue is not North Indians versus Maharashtrians. It is pride in Mumbai and India. The Thackeray cousins, Raj and Uddhav, are vying with each other wooing the perceived Maharashtrian vote. They are fomenting the worst kind of anti-national divisiveness.

Mumbai what state

The political response to them by rival parties is pathetic. The inhibited criticism arises from the fear of arousing a Maharashtrian backlash. This betrays a poor opinion about the maturity of Maharashtrians. It displays ignorance about the fundamental principles of good governance. People respect power.

Mumbai what state

When the government fails to exercise its responsibility to uphold law, it erodes its authority and invites popular unrest and. This is what is happening in Mumbai. This is what has been happening in Mumbai for over half a century. It is time to confront the phoney chauvinism unleashed by the Thackeray cousins with a fitting political response. The history of Mumbai needs to be recalled. It shortly founded the modern city of Bombay. As a port, Bombay flourished in commerce.

Skilled workers and traders moved to Bombay owned by the British.

Mumbai what state

The business in Bombay was built up mainly by the Gujarati and Parsi communities, and partially by Bohras, Jews and Marwaris. Even though the linguistic states of Andhra Pradesh, Kerela, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu were conceded, the state of Bombay comprising Maharashtra and Gujarat was retained with Mumbai as the state capital.

Morarji Desai Mumbai what state the Chief Minister of united Bombay state. Desai had served as a deputy collector under the British before Independence. He knew the principles of governance. When Marathi speaking politicians formed the Samyukta Maharashtra Samiti and started a violent agitation inDesai countered violence with an iron hand.

Hundreds of violent agitators were shot dead near Flora Fountain. But then, with typical half-hearted resolve, Nehru wilted and Desai had to re. The view that Bombay Mumbai what state be made a city state was ignored. It became the capital of Maharashtra. The time has come to right that wrong. Mumbai is the commercial capital of South Asia. Potentially it is the future commercial capital of all Asia. Like Delhi, it deserves to be a city state. This is what the political opponents of the Thackeray duo should demand. Tired of the unceasing, ungainly internet entertainment updates? Walk dazzling lanes and by lanes with Outlook.

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Mumbai what state

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