Married bi str8 Montpelier Vermont layers

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Learn more. I'll' think of thee, when round inc throng' Tho fairest form', of earth When softly duals the, fairy song Of gladness or of mirth! And tit my spirit's temple ,-hiinc A priestess thou flisilt bo, To toed with incense heavenly, The flame of love divino. I'll think of thee, when beauty charm', And with its mystic power, Ily ever Avainloring limey waniH 'At blushing twilight hum!

And in the sky of memory, Th brightest star to shine 'Mid all which there bright lays enlwino, lcarcst one '. I'll think of thee, when from the past Tiim spectre e'er arbe When clouds of grief or gloom nro east Across life's happy skies! And o'er me, like sweet minstrelsy Of forest birds lit even; Or zephyr's thro' the areh ofheiiven, Shall come the thoughts of thee. I'll think of thee, when friends are cold And foes around me press; V. Lansingburg, 'X. A Revolutionary Tale.

Married bi str8 Montpelier Vermont layers

One pleasant evening in the month of Juno, n man was observed entering me uoruei-s 01 a wood near the Hudson river ; his appearance was that of ;t person above the common rank. The inhabitants of a country village, would have dignified him by tho name ol 'Squire and from his manner would have pronounced htm proud, but those more accustomed to so ciety would inform you that there was some thing like a military air about him.

Married bi str8 Montpelier Vermont layers

His horse panted as if it had been pushed for some milos, yet from the owner's frequent stops to carress tho patient animal, lie could not be charged with the want of humanity, but seemed to be nctu. The rider, forsaking a good road for a path leading through the woods, indica ted a desire to avoid the gaze of other trav ellers. He had not left the. He was soon after obliged to dis mount, ravelling having become dangerous, as darkness concealed the surrounding ob jects, except when the lightning's terrific Hash afforded a momentary view of his situation.

A peal louder and of longer duration than any ly heard, which now burst over his head, seemed as if it would rend the woods asunder, was quickly followed by a heavy fall of rain, which penetrated the clothing of the stranger, ere he could gain the shelter of a large oak, which stood at a little, distance. Almost exhausted with the labors of the day, he was about making such disposition of the saddle and his own coat, as would enable him to pass the night with what comfort cir cumstances would permit, when he espied a light glimmering through the trees.

Anima ted with the hope of better lodgings, he de termined to proceed.

Married bi str8 Montpelier Vermont layers

The way, which was steep, became attended with more obstacles as he advanced, the soil being composed of clay, which the rain had rendered so soft that his feet slipped every step. The watch dog began barking, which brought the owner of the mansion to the door. But the fanner undertook the task, and af ter conducting the new comer into the room where his wife was seated, he led the horse to a well stored barn, and there provided ibr him most bountifully. On reing the trav eller, he observed, " That's a noble animal of yours, sir " " Yes," was the reply, " and I am sorry to misuse him, so as to make it necessary to give much trouble with the care of him ; but I have yet to thank you for your kindness to both of us.

Hut Susan," added lie, turning to the hostess with a half reproachful look, " why have vou not got the gentleman something to eat? At her husband's remonstrance, she was readily engaged in repairing her error, by preparing a plentiful repast.

Married bi str8 Montpelier Vermont layers

During the meal there was much interesting conversation between the three. As soon as the worthy countryman perceived 'that his guest had sat isfied his appetite, he informed him that it was now the hour at which the family usual ly performed their evening devotions, invi ting him to bo present. The im itation was accepted in these words : " It would afford me the greatest pleasure to commune with my Heavenly Preserver. After the events of the day, such exercise prepares us for tho repose which we Married bi str8 Montpelier Vermont layers in sleep.

I wish our l'ctcr ; they can apply themrelves with every appear had been from the army to hear this man J uncc of indill'erence to common pursuits, or talk; I ain suro "Washington himself could ' coinnion topics of conversation ; and thus by not say more for his country, nor give a bet ter history of the hardships endured by our brave, soldiers. Afler thanking the. Creator for his many mercies, and asking a blessing on the inhabitants of he house, he continued; "and now, Almighty-Father, if it is thy holy will hat we shall obtain a place and name among the nations of the earth, grant that we shall be entitled to show our gratitude for thy goodness by endeavoring to obey thee, liless us with wisdom in our coun cils, success in battle, and let our victories be tempered with humanity.

Endow also our enemies with enlightened minds, that they may become sensible of their injustice, and willing to restore us our liberty and peace. Irani he petition ol'lhy servant for the sake of J 1 i in whom thou hast called thy.

Son, nev ertheless, let not wv will but Ihine le done. I bad been out yesterday in endeavoring to obtain some information respecting our enemy, and being alone, went too far from our camp; on my return I was surprised by n foraging par- tv, and I only escaped by inv knowledge ot tlic ro, and the lloetness of my horse. My name is leorge Washington. Surprise kept the listener silent for a mo ment ; then after unsuccessfully repeating his invitation to partake of some refreshments, he hastened to call two negroes, with whose as sistance he placed the horse on a rail of tim ber that was lying near the door, and soon conveyed the General to the other.

On his return to tho house, be iound that while lie was engaged in making preparations for con veying the horse across the river, his illustri ous Married bi str8 Montpelier Vermont layers had succeeded in persuading the woman to accept a token of remembrance, which the family are proud of exhibiting to this day. The above is one of the many hazards en countered by this truly great patriot, for the purpose ot transmitting to posterity the trea sures wo- now enjoy.

Jet us acknowledge the benefits received, by our endeavoring to preserve them in purity, and by keeping in remembrance the great source whence these blessings come, be enabled to render our names worthy of being enrolled with that of " the Father of our Country. A corres pondent of the Maine Cultivator gives the following of the most; extraordinary preservation of apples we recollect to have seen.

He savs : " I send you an apple which T bought in the fall of 1S4'. Among others it was put into inv cellar, in open casks; and a'lout the first of January,I overhauled them, and put three bar- els away, packed in plaster ot Vans first a ayer of plaster, then a layer of apples and so allernatciv, tut the barrels were filled. They were then headed up, and stood till the early part ot iast summer, when I overhauled and assorted them, and put them in a box in layers of dry oak sawdust. The bqx had a lock and key, and has been kept locked up, only when we got apples out to use.

Upon unlocking the box and taking the saw dust out, to our surprise there were three apples in the box, and all of them per fectly sound. The apple I send you having been kept in a warm room, has commenced, as you perceive, to rot. The above is sub mitted respectfully, for the benefit of all lov ers of good apples. New Variety of Wheat, for Sow ing Late. Some years since Mr. It is a very large and beautiful white shirred berry, and makes the first best llnur.

Harmon commenc ed experimenting with it, but after several year's trial abandoned it ; finding it to push out very early, and with a tendency to fill down and crinkle.

Married bi str8 Montpelier Vermont layers

Volcotl,of Biunmliidd, who ac cidcnlly sowed it after corn, quite late, and 1 1 : 1 1 J i l it. This process he has continued since for several years; once sowing during a January thaw, with the same result ; at any rate, never having less than 10 budiels to the acre, and sometime more.

Langworlhy, of Greece, and Thomas II. Hyatt, of Rochester, have each six bushels, and Gen. Harmon, of Wheatland, twelve bushels sown, from which, if the, result is fa vorable, those who have a well manured corn field, which they may wish to make a cheap wheat crop from, can, we p, procure seed enough to try the experiment. It is sometimes very desirable to follow corn or potatoes with wheat, but from the lateness of the season, our Flint, and other favorite wheats are so far behind in ripening as to rust and be lost; and if a variety is discover ed that may be sown late, and yet ripen be fore the heats of July destroy it, it is a great desideratinn,and worthy of being looked after.

Gennesce Farmer. Eiuxi: Infu'enx'Ks op Sympathy. Vi'u are alfccted with delightful sensations when we see the inanimate parts of the crea tion the meadows, flowers and trees, in a nourishing state. There must be some root ed melancholy in the heart, when all nature appears smiling about us, to hinder us from eorrespondinji with the rest of the creation, and ing in the universal chorus of joy. But tho pleasure is still heightened, if we have helped to raise a heart drooping beneath tho weight of grief.

Amongst the few advantages that women possess over the noble is an indescribable sort an external snow ot tbeclulncss, and some- times by levity of demeanor, they often keep from the eye of the superficial observer, hid den fountains of deep and impassioned feclin". An snake Irishman being asked to describe a said" He is a venennis baste : he has neither hind fore legs, nor fore hind lc he he illL! WiViuiux, which has been some years before the courts, was finally disposed of last week at Ithaca, N.

The second trial took place in February, l lo, when the jury disagreed. The third and last trial com menced on Monday, 17lh inst, and occupied the. It was tried before lion Amasa J. Parker, of the third circuit, and some sev enty witnesses were examined. Afler the cause had been given to the jury on Friday ' evening, they reported, at about 10 o'clock, their inability to agree. They were sent out again for further deliberation. At five o'clock on Saturday morning tho court was summon ed by the court house bell, and again the ju ry reported their inability to agree. Once more they were sent out for deliberation.

About nine o'clock they reported for the third time their inability to agree. Tinker assured them that the circumstance was un fortunate ; he regretted that they had passed so uncomfortable a night ; that he would en deavor to have them more comfortably pro vided for in future ; he would remain in town until Mondav morning to receive their ver dict, if they should be able, by that time to a gree ; if not, he had a circuit to hold at Alba ny, after which, and probably in about two weeks, lie would again attend to receive ineir verdict, should they be prepared to render it: in the mean time the sberiil would take all proper care for their accommodation and comfort I Another brief half hour's deliber ation enabled the jury to report that they had aiireed on their rcrdict, which was render ed for defendant.

Ithaca Chronicle. Steamek Atlantic. This new floating palace, unequalled in splendor and facilities ot comfort and convenience, took iier place on the. Norwich line on Tuesday of last week. The hitherto unrivaled steamer Ore gon, of the Stonington line, left her berth a bout one minute ahead ofthe Atlantic, and in passing the southern side of the battery, was about a quarter of a mile ahead and con tinued gaining for a few miles; but soon after passing Throg's Xeck tho Atlantic took the lead, and was two or three miles ahead on ar riving at New London.

The Atlantic was built expressly for this line, under the superintendence of Capt. Dun- stan, who is her commander. She is iJ. Her engines are of 1. The cranks and shafts are of w rought iron, the former being eighteen md a halt inches in diameter. Lhe wheels ire. The style of finish and furniture, is superb bevond description. The Married bi str8 Montpelier Vermont layers saloon con tains JO state rooms, including J double rooms all of which are splendidly furnished, and pre sent to the traveler an air of convenience Married bi str8 Montpelier Vermont layers luxurious comfort.

This saloon is large and airy, and contains sixty berths most admirably ar ranged, and in a style that rannot fail to please the most fastidious. Tho gentlemen's saloon contains berths, very well furnish ed with the best of bedding, while by a new irrangement in banging the drapery, each tier of berths can be at once converted into a secluded stateroom, while at the same time abundant ventilation is allowed.

The berths are furnished with one hundred mattrasses, each of which are to be supplied with six six inch air tight cylinders, each capable of sup porting two large men. These cylinders are o disposed that they can be reached at an instant's warning, and thus sixteen hundred infallible life preservers arc constantly at and. The cost of this slcamer, with Married bi str8 Montpelier Vermont layers chinery and furniture, is stated to be about 13 0, X.

We find in an exchange pat er a description of a f oweriii"- tree which is. The body of the tree is sixly feet high and straight as a ship's mast, without limb or leaf; but sup porting at the fop an immense tuft of leaves, each of which is ten or twelve feet long. The stalks of these leaves clasp the bod y of the tree and incline outward, the long leaves bending over in a graceful curve. This vast crown of evergreen is of itself very grand; but when Ihe, free is about filly years old, there rises from its centre a cone several feet in height, which gradually enlarges until at length it bursts with a loud explosion, and a vast brilliant golden colored flower, twelve feet in diameter, appears over the elevated I uft of leaves as a gorgeous diadem on the head of this queen of the forest.

Somebody says that an important secret has been carefully kept for some lime past in in Portland; but that it required all the ladies of the city to keep it, even with the aid of their husbands! This gentleman has accepted the office of Secretary and General Agent of the Central Commit tee, for promot ing National Education, and at present con templates removing to Cincinnati at the close of his official term as Governor of Vermont.

Mitldlvbury lala. The dwelling of Mr. James Mann, of Newbury, Vt. Loss about Sf SOD, which was mostly covered by insurance.

Married bi str8 Montpelier Vermont layers

Bradjord Am Protector. A successful experiment luirf recently been made, nt, Ports mouth, En;. Magnetic Telegraph wires under water. The mode of insulating the wires is similar to that recommended in this paper a fe w weeks since. The length of tho submerged wire is not spe cified, but we judge from the.

Married bi str8 Montpelier Vermont layers

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