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The declaration for establishing a Public University in the then Barishal division was made by the Founder of Bangladesh, the Father of the nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in Zillur Rahman appointed Professor Dr. The law of the University of Barishal has been amended and passed by the National Assembly of Bangladesh on 16th June Thanks to further initiatives from University Grants Commission and the Ministry of Education, the University was eventually established by the Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina through foundation stone laying on 22nd February Then the University of Barishal started functioning from the first day of July in a temporary campus at college buildings of Barishal Zilla School.

Honorable President Md. Zillur Rahman and Professor Dr. In the first academic year there are four faculties; Arts, Science, Social Sciences, Business Studies that include six departments. In the first academic sessionthere Love in barishal be four hundred students, twenty five teachers, fifteen officers and thirty five staffs. The University of Barishal is a public University and will run like a autonomous University as else in Bangladesh. The University administration will now be run mainly by Love in barishal bodies: Syndicate and Academic Council, each headed by the Vice-Chancellor.

With the kirtonkhola flowing just by on the southern side and soothing gales pervading the lush green pasture, the place reminds one of why Barishal is known to all of us as the land of plenitude. Away from the crowd and commotion of the metropolitan life, blessed with exquisite natural charms and meditative tranquility, the place promises to be an ideal setting for learners to learn their lessons of self-control and pursue distinguished academic career simultaneously. As the road to Bhola passes close by, the location will enjoy greater communicational accessibility from different parts of the country, transforming the region in the process, from its rural backwater status to one of academic and intellectual excellence.

Inspired by the love of the people and boosted by the due patronage from the relevant authority, The university is destined to be the pride of the place. A total of 75 crore of taka has been sanctioned in order to build the eighth general public university of the country and the maiden one for the southern region.

Love in barishal

A sprawling land of 50 acre has already been acquired to this effect. There is also provision for building prayer houses for different believers. One eye-catching feature of the new campus will be its internal space-management. Besides having state-of-the art facilities in place, the campus will have its open space punctuated by patterned greenery and a beautiful pond at the heart of it. As the construction of the new campus is predicted to be completed by mid, the academic activities of the university will, however, be run on temporary basis in two college buildings of the Barishal Zilla School.

Love in barishal

Harun-ur-Rashid, the members of the syndicate and other eminent personalities. The duration of the on-line registration will last from 23rd August to 22nd October. This year, a total of students, selected through a standard admission test, will study in six departments under three faculties. The University of Barishal pursues an irreproachably honest and transparent policy in recruiting teachers with merit and scholarship being the sole yardstick.

Love in barishal

Already a of teachers have been recruited and recruitment of others is in progress. The syllabus of the departments concerned are not only modernized but so deed as to equip a learner with requisite knowledge and expertise to help him cope with complex global scenario. Keeping this in perspective, modern trends in global scholarship will be introduced to the learners in a syllabus that will be approached in a semester system with required credit division. The university will form different clubs to accelerate co-curricular activities of the students. The university is determined to help students explore there abilities in various field of knowledge.

The university has already formed different committees headed by the teachers to look after both curricular and co-curricular activities. A bout Us.

Love in barishal Love in barishal

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