Ingredients to make ghb

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GBL, gamma-Butyrolactone. Used almost exclusively as a chemical intermediate as well as in the production of pesticides and herbicides. Also GBL can be used as an intermediate in the production of vitamins and pharmaceuticals. They sell ml bottles of GBL for only 65 dollars. They sell GBL as a paint stripper for antique wooden furniture.

NaOH, sodium hydroxide or lye. You can find this in the drain cleaning section at most stores. You will need : 1. Papers to test pH. Place the content of the gamma butyrolactone bottle in a stainless steel or pyrex glass saucepan. Do not use aluminum cookware to make GHB. Put a cover fast! Wait a little it will start reacting on itself. This step is optional, some like it like that and others prefer to heat the solution a little.

Ingredients to make ghb

Start heating it slowly. You will see it starting boiling. It can burn. Do it for one hour.

Ingredients to make ghb

When you will add water, it will dissolve. Measure the PH. To store it I use a mason glass jar with a plastic cover. I draw the poison logo on it very important! Clean dry beakers and graduated cylinders, a set of chemical scales, narrow range pH strips for 5. Example: You want to react mls of GBL. Example: If the reaction is not occuring, then you either have not heated the GBL to C or you have defective reactants throw them out and get fresh stuff. Once the solution begins boiling, you can turn the heat off — the reaction will make its own heat. When the range begins to get to 7.

This mixture will still have unreacted lactone in it — so now it is time to do some steam distillation. Steam Distillation The purification step 10 Put a thermometer in the solution capable of measuring C and crank the heat up on the solution.

Hold it at that temperature until all bubbling stops.

Ingredients to make ghb

The beaker now contains melted NaGHB. So add enough boiling water to bring the entire solution up to mls. Return the melt to the low heat to keep it melted. Scrape them up with a metal spatula and put them into a sealed tupperware container. Pour out more strips and repeat the procedure until you have used up all of the melt.

This will break up the strips. You may have to shake the blender around a bit to make sure everything is ground into powder. Pour the powder into a sealed tupperware container. Safety : Wear gloves and safety glasses at all times. If any of the reagents or intermediates contacts the skin, wash well with cold water. For step 3, use electric oven only. In a gas oven, the pilot light may ignite alcohol fumes, causing fire hazard. These quantities are not fixed — use more or less as needed, but keep the proportions the same. The NaOH can be dissolved in less ethanol, but these proportions make the process easier and faster.

GHB will not crystalize if there is water in the solution. Denatured ethanol can also be used, but be sure to let it completely evaporate before ingesting it. Methanol can also be used, but this is toxic, and excess must be removed before ingestion. If methanol is used, only ml is required, but be sure all the methanol is evaporated before ingesting it check there is Ingredients to make ghb methanol odor left.

Ingredients to make ghb

Obtaining the ingredients: NaOH, denatured ethanol and methanol are very easy to find. Just look up chemical products in the yellow s. Gamma-butyrolactone is difficult to find. Several companies sell it on the net. Equipment needed : 1. Screw cap bottle larger than ml; if you choose plastic use HDPE, it will be clearly marked on the bottom. Method : Ingredients to make ghb.

Shake and allow to stand until cool. Continue until all the NaOH has dissolved. Be sure to release the cap frequently to release pressure. When all the NaOH has dissolved this can take an hour of shaking and waiting pour it into the glass pot and add the gamma-butyrolactone. A precipitate this is the GHB will form. Allow to stand for an hour. After allowing it to stand, filter the product through the 2 coffee filters placed inside each othercollecting the precipitate.

Dry the precipitate by placing it in an oven on the lowest setting for 24 hours. Use electric oven only! You can keep it in the powdered form keep it in an airtight bag since it is hygroscopic and will absorb water from the atmosphere. Alternatively dissolve it in ml of water; this will give a solution containing about 1g of GHB per teaspoon. Most users find that GHB induces a pleasant state of relaxation and tranquility. Frequent effects are placidity, sensuality, mild euphoria, and a tendency to verbalize.

Ingredients to make ghb

Anxieties and inhibitions tend to dissolve into a feeling of emotional warmth, wellbeing, and pleasant drowsiness. In fact, many users report feeling particularly refreshed, even energized, the next day. The effects of GHB can generally be felt within five to twenty minutes after ingestion.

Ingredients to make ghb

They usually last no more than one and a half to three hours, although they can be indefinitely prolonged through repeated dosing. The effects of GHB are very dose-dependent. Higher levels feature greater giddiness, silliness, and interference with mobility and verbal coherence, and maybe even dizziness. Even higher doses usually induce sleep. Determining the ideal dose is probably the trickiest aspect of working with GHB.

The amount required for a given level of effect will vary from person to person, and the dose-response curve is fairly steep. Overestimating the dose can have consequences ranging in seriousness from ruining your plans for the evening to waking up in the emergency ward as a result of panic on the part Ingredients to make ghb concerned-but-uninformed friends or relatives.

Once you have found the levels that give you the effects you desire, they will remain consistent. Tolerance to GHB does not develop. However, recent not current alcohol consumption may decrease the effect of a given dose of GHB. Most people find that a dose in the range of 0. Users can feel a mild relaxation, increased sociability, slightly decreased motor skills, sometimes mild dizziness, and other effects similar to mild alchol intoxication. Even at low doses it is improper for GHB users to drive or operate heavy machinery. Some people report an increased appreciation for music, dancing, or talking.

Many people report positive mood changes. Some slurring of speech, silliness, and slight incoherency are also common. Others report increased feelings of nausea and grogginess. Some users of GHB report pro-sexual effects: an increase in tactile sensitivity, relaxation, increased male erectile capacity, and heightened experience of orgasm.

Some women report that GHB makes orgasms harder to achieve. Reports of euphoria, feeling music deeply, joyous dancing, and other very positive effects are common among afficianados. An extra quarter. Overdose: The Overdose range for GHB can be as little as 2 grams, based on body weight and individual sensitivity. One major problem with GHB as an underground recreational substance is that it has a sharp dose-response curve, which can be difficult to manage with the various non-standard preparations available to the uninformed buyer.

Another major problem is that uninformed users often mix GHB with alcohol, which drastically increases the chance of vomiting and unconsciousness. An overdose can consist of mild to extreme nausea and dizziness, sometimes vomiting.

It can also be characterized by a strong drowsy feeling followed by an temporarily unrouseable sleep sometimes characterized as a type of coma for hours. Some Overdoses of GHB mix vomiting with unconsciousness which is an extremely dangerous combination for obvious reasons. Poisoning: I am defining a level dosage above Overdose in order Ingredients to make ghb highlight the effects of extreme overdoses. While many Overdoses consist mainly of heavy sleep, some are lifethreatening.

GHB poisoning victims should receive medical care immediately. After Effects: Some people feel drowsy, sleepy, or groggy after the effects wear off or the next day after ingestion. Some people also report feeling refreshed, happier, and more alert the day after use.

Ingredients to make ghb

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How is GHB made?