How to let him go to get him back

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She describes how to get your confidence back, and warns you of the fatal mistakes that will stop you from getting him back. If you wanted to marry him, you may be heartbroken and crushed. You might not be able to read about how to get him back, much less learn how to handle yourself around him. Rebuilding your emotional and spiritual self is the most important tip on how to get him back. You need to get strong, healthy, and centered before you can even think about getting back together or starting a new relationship.

Put the idea of getting back together on the back burner for a little while. Focus on your emotional and spiritual health. Something was wrong, and the way to resolve the problem was to break up.

How to let him go to get him back

But right now you must accept that the breakup happened. It is what it is. Try to see the breakup objectively, and accept that it was meant to be. It had to happen. Need encouragement?

How to let him go to get him back

Do you believe that God loves you, protects you, and wants to bless you? Instead of focusing on how to get your ex backfocus on your spirit and soul. All you can think about is how to get him back. You want the comfort of your boyfriend, the security of your relationship, and the peace of feeling attached. I understand this feeling! I was single until I was 35 years old, and I so wanted to get married. I half-heartedly trusted God to take care of me. Trust that your life will unfold exactly as it should.

More importantly, you need to focus on getting your SELF back. No man can bring those qualities to your life. Nobody can — not your boyfriend, your mom, your job, your dog, or your husband. The only lasting source of true peace, joy, love, and freedom is God. Only Jesus can fill you with light, love, and joy. How do you fill up with joy and peace? You spend time with God, and you learn practical tips for healing from a breakup.

What do you think about most often? Is it good, right, and true? You may be consumed with thoughts of your ex boyfriend, regrets about the way the relationship ended, and confusion about what to do next. The best way to know if your thoughts are good for you is to take your emotional temperature.

For instance, how do you feel after spending all night thinking about your ex boyfriend? How do you feel after praying, exercising, playing with your dog, or spending time with children?

How to let him go to get him back

Probably a lot happier and fulfilled than thinking about how to get your boyfriend back! Notice your thoughts. Was your boyfriend loving, kind, respectful, and gentle with you? Is he a good father, friend, son, employee, or family member? Before you get serious about learning how to get him back, ask yourself why you want to be with him again. Did he treat you well? How did you feel about yourself when you were with him? Surrender your heart to God, and He will direct your paths. I welcome your thoughts on how to get him back below. Notify me of follow-up comments by.

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How to let him go to get him back

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