Flakka drug wiki

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Stories of horrific crimes resulting from drug use have been propagated by the media for over a century. In August, year-old Austin Harrouff attacked and killed a couple in their Florida home, and he was found biting the face and abdomen of one of his victims.

Flakka drug wiki

Authoritieshowever, believed Harouff was likely high on the new street drug called Flakka, as use had ly been attributed to widespread incidents of strange and sometimes violent behavior. On Nov. Regardless, Flakka is a new and potentially dangerous synthetic drug. Flakka is a street name for alpha-PVP — a very potent synthetic cathinone drug. Flakka is a very potent and inexpensive stimulant. In fact, it appears to be more potent than methamphetamine, and it is believed to have higher addictive potential. Within 16 months in Fort Lauderdale and its suburbs alone, 63 supposed Flakka users died from acute intoxication, accidents, suicides and homicides.

Flakka is particularly infamous for being tied to rashes of bizarre behavior Flakka drug wiki Florida and recently in Australia. As someone who studies drug use epidemiology, I think it is very important to separate truth from myth when it comes to drugs. The attacker was killed by police, and the homeless man was left disfigured and blind. Last year I collected hair samples from dozens of nightclub and dance festival attendees in New York City to be tested for new psychoactive substances.

Flakka drug wiki

While information based on falsehoods can help deter people from intentionally using potentially dangerous drugs such as Flakka, legitimate and truthful information is needed not only to deter use, but also to prevent those who reject abstinence from experiencing harm. Sometimes scary information works to deter drug use. If we continue to exaggerate adverse effects, then this can work against our prevention efforts in two ways. First, potential users — especially experienced drug users — may disregard our warnings.

Second, exaggerating dangerous effects usually le to increased stigma toward those who use or happen to be dependent on the drug. This usually le only to further ostracization and a lower likelihood of seeking treatment.

Flakka drug wiki

Drug-induced cannibalism now appears to be a hot media topic. This is understandable as much of the public is now obsessed with zombie TV shows. But we need to ensure that we remain cautious about news we hear, and responsible for news we share. Edition: Available editions United Kingdom. Zombies Methamphetamines Molly Cannibalism bath salts street drugs.

Flakka drug wiki Flakka drug wiki

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What is flakka? Florida's dangerous new drug trend