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This was such a nice surprise for all of us and we are so pleased with the way he has approached his start to Year 11 studies. We have really seen her confidence grow from her time spent at Focus. Even though there is a long way to go, the are already paying off based on her report card and looking at her school work. Thank you for recognising the way she learns and imparting that knowledge to us. Thank you for being patient and making learning fun. Thank you for everything. A thorough grounding in Maths and English has enabled me to approach all of my lessons with confidence and understanding.

I now have the ability to achieve goals and perform at a level I would have never thought attainable. I have been in the Focus family for some time now and have grown stronger with the knowledge and learning that a caring and warm environment can provide.

Thank you, Catherine! My teacher actually moved me up two Maths groups and I can even keep up. I would English tutor central coast stray off topic and not have any real structure to my work. Since coming to Focus I now know how to structure my essay properly.

Thank you soooo much Catherine and Sean for giving my son Zach such a great start to the year. It has made a huge impact on his performance at school and his self confidence with regards to his own abilities. We were thrilled with his achievements towards the end of last year which included a school term maths award, a distinction in the Newcastle Permenamt Maths Competition and selection for extension class placement for year 7.

A definite reflection on the work he has been doing at tutoring and the support of his year 6 teacher. He is very pleased and looking forward to moving on to the new year! Thank you again for all of your support. She has to go next door to Year 2 to get me harder books. My son came out of his first session with a big smile. He loved the mindfulness and English tutor central coast singing bowls and he marvelled at how much he got though without feeling like he was struggling.

Thank you for making him feel welcome, and safe at your school. It warms my heart. This is the best feedback a mum can hear. Focus Education provides excellent support in both English and Maths. My time here has been beneficial, with evident improvements in my overall academic. The tutors here are kind and friendly and is always ready to assist you. I first started tutoring when I was in Year 9 and was very hesitant at first. I have never been very gifted with Maths but from the first day at Focus Education I knew that it would be worthwhile. Before class had even started, the teachers at Focus Education made an effort to get to know me as a person and understand my strengths and weakness.

Since I began tutoring four years ago, my Maths has improved dramatically and I have moved up several classes since, my have improved, and Maths is far less of a challenge than it has ever been. I would strongly recommend Focus Education to everyone, the people are great, the teaching style is effective, and it has seriously helped turn my learning around. After an initial assessment, a targeted program was implemented to work on key areas where she was behind. As we know with mathematics, if stages are missed or not laid down thoroughly before moving on to the next topic, it is often extremely difficult to pick up the slack and the gap continues to widen.

Success in Maths is largely to do with confidence. This really suited our girl, we noticed that her confidence was improving, along with her in a relatively short period of time. In the space of 2 terms she moved from 89th in the year to 40th…. She would not have attained this result without their dedication, structured program and assistance with exam preparation.

English tutor central coast

Even though our daughter was committed and focussed, she needed an individualised, regular program. Catherine, Sean and their team have a holistic approach acknowledging the role of stress management, whereby they employ calming strategies which help the children tap into their potential, creating an optimal learning environment. Our daughter is progressing really well and is now in year 11, she received an A on her Semester 1 report.

We have decided however, to continue with tutoring to ensure that she continues to reach her full potential in this subject. She has gone from English tutor central coast maths, to it being one of her favourite subjects, this is due to the fantastic efforts of the Focus Education team and for this we are truly grateful. Catherine, Sean and the team took him from hating Maths to loving it and it ended up being one of his highest HSC marks. Mal — Umina Beach. We cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for both our daughters.

You have definitely given Kasey the learnings she needed to control her own education and to have our daughter talking about being in the top maths class just shows how much she has learnt. So I decided to go searching for a tutor. Through my google search I came across a tutoring service that developed their technique around the style in which your child learns…awesome! Obviously a school teacher cannot tailor the class to every individual. My daughter has now attended tutoring with Focus for over 2 years, at the start she was only achieving approx.

Receiving tutoring at Focus Education for Math has taught Bianca that through extra work she can improve her ability to do something that she ly found difficult. It also helped her to break the cycle of finding Math difficult, then not liking it and then not wanting to do it. The other day she was even explaining concept to other kids her class, which really boosted her positive feeling toward Math as a subject!

English tutor central coast

As a long-time student of Focus Education, I believe that they have enabled me to further my education and academic skills. Additionally, they are fully committed to my studies and have honed my academic weaknesses to improve it. Truly, Focus Education has aided me in achieving high marks and formed a backbone to my school life. He is more confident in his studies and has greater self-esteem. Focus Education identified the areas that needed work and the year of tutoring brought him up to speed.

Alec was taught by Sean in primary school and commented on several occasions that it was one of his favourite years! Last year he asked if he could have some English tutoring and our prior experience of Sean made it an easy decision to contact Focus Education. From the bottom of our hearts — Thankyou! My stepson had always struggled with his school work. I knew by the time he got to year eight, we had limited time to get him the help he needed.

As a life coach, I noticed my stepson was a kinesthetic learner, and it was imperative that we found people who understood what this meant. We found English tutor central coast Education at Erina and enrolled him in maths and english.

English tutor central coast

His other subjects having been positively affected too. The most wonderful thing is, observing the positive shift in his confidence. The first time he scored a great result in maths, he rushed to the office and asked if he could call his dad. That response to me means more than the mark itself. Because it is evidence that he was awoken to his ability.

How outstanding is that?! This boy has changed! I cannot recommend Focus Education enough. They are not just tutors. They are people who are English tutor central coast of waking out of their negative belief systems and introducing them into a world of great personal achievement and therefore expanded possibilities. If you are considering tutoring for your children, I highly and thoroughly recommend you contact Focus Education.

I have had a great experience with Focus Education. They are super friendly and happy to help with anything that you are unsure with. Since the start of the year I have moved up to the top math group all because of the help of Focus Education.

I really enjoy going to Focus Education every week and I would definitely recommend it to anyone. Catherine and Sean have helped me with Math since I was in Year 7. Starting high school was very different from primary school. I started having trouble keeping up and understanding.

Catherine has helped me to understand the concepts by showing me a way of learning differently.

English tutor central coast

Catherine has been very patient with my learning. Going to tutoring has increased my confidence and my grades! I am now learning things ahead of my class so that when we come to a subject I am aware and confident. Thanks for your time Catherine and Sean!! Expert tuition in Mathematics and English Year 1 to Year Individual Learning Programs. Qualified teachers and experienced tutors. Selective School Preparation. Remediation, Consolidation and Enrichment learning programs.

Convenient location — m to Erina Fair shopping centre. HSC Preparation. Selective Schools.

English tutor central coast

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