Daniel fast success stories

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There are diets, and then there are strict diets. And then, there's the Daniel Fast. Technically, the Daniel Fast is not a diet, but rather a day period of prayer and partial fasting practiced by some Christians. The fast has been around sincewhen founder Susan Gregory first began blogging about it, but it's catching steam again thanks to actor Chris Pratt, who recently took to Instagram to let his Stay tuned," he said.

On its websitethe Daniel Fast is described as a "spiritual experience" that's like "pushing the 'pause button' on life so you can draw closer to God. According to the website, hundreds of thousands of Christians start the Daniel Fast after the New Year, usually the first Sunday of the year. This year, the fast began at sunrise on Sunday, Jan. While starting in early January has become a tradition, anyone can Daniel fast success stories their day Daniel Fast at any point throughout the year, the website explains.

Similar to a vegan diet with added restrictionsDaniel Fast allows for only "foods grown from the seed," as taken from a translation of the King James Version of the Bible. Healthy liquid oil and nuts and seeds are allowed as well. Here's exactly what you can eat during the day Daniel Fast:. If you are planning to do the day Daniel Fast, the website recommends slowly tapering off caffeine about a week beforehand so you don't experience withdrawals during the fast. The same is Daniel fast success stories for sugary foods, like candy, dessert, and soda, which can also cause unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.

While the Daniel Fast involves restricting food for a spiritual purpose, the website acknowledges that some people do use the Daniel Fast eating plan purely as a way of improving their health and losing weight. In fact, it claims "thousands of people with health and weight issues experience success" with the fast. One nutritionist, however, sees this as highly unlikely. Instead, you'll likely experience side effects that are wholly unpleasant.

This can leave you with all kinds of unpleasant symptoms during and after the fast, like increased cravings which can lead to overeating or bingingincreased fat retention, lower metabolism, and higher levels of cortisol, a stress hormone. And although the fast is temporary, it may even have detrimental long-term effects, like an increased risk for cardiovascular disease and a shorter life span, she says.

And if you're a caffeine addict, the symptoms are going to be a lot worse," she says. So are there any health benefits? Both nutritionists agree that the Daniel Fast simply isn't a sustainable method for someone seeking long-term weight loss.

Daniel fast success stories

Any pounds you do lose during the process will likely pile back on. Unfortunately, research around the Daniel Fast is slim. A study in the journal Lipids in Health and Disease did investigate how the Daniel Fast affected the metabolic and cardiovascular health of 43 participants 30 women, 13 men.

Researchers recorded lower blood pressure and LDL cholesterol levels among the participants post-fast and reported no negative effects on blood count or metabolism. Similar effects have been seen in research around other plant-based diets. However, due to the study's small sample size and the fact that all participants were relatively young and healthy, further research is definitely needed to fully understand the effects of the Daniel Fast.

If you're interested in the Daniel Fast, do it for your own spiritual reasons, as the founder intended. Gans agrees. And as with any extreme eating plan, be sure to talk to your doctor to make sure the day fast is safe for you, especially if you're pregnant or have pre-existing medical conditions. Weight Loss. Type keyword s to search.

Daniel fast success stories

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Daniel fast success stories

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Daniel fast success stories

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