Christian love comments

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Christian Quotes. Find more christian quotes about love.

Christian love comments

These will remind you how much our Lord loves us all. Here find a collection of quotes about love from christians. The art of love is God at work through you. Wilferd A. It is a Christian love comments that draws us to God and motivates us to serve Him successfully.

Those in the circle of Christ had no doubt of his love; those in our circles should have no doubt about ours. Max Lucado — Just Like Jesus. Love leaves a legacy. How you treated other people, not your wealth or accomplishments, is the most enduring impact you can leave on earth. In a world characterized by loneliness and despair, we can reach out in love to those around us.

Or, as St. We are to enjoy what we have while we have it, but we are never to get to the point where we think we could not love without it. The more we love, the more love we have to offer. It is inexhaustible.

Mary C. As believers in Christ, we are part of Him-God the Father decided before the foundation of the world that anyone who loved Christ would be loved and accepted by Him. Lady Powerscourt. David Jeremiah. Love pays attention. Love listens to the fears and the doubts of others and treats them with respect.

Love accepts others the way Jesus accepts you. Rick Warren. Jesus healed people one at a time because God cares about individual people. Andy Stanley. Never procrastinate in showing love. Do it now. A life of purpose is a life of service, giving to others with total and unconditional love is the key.

Christian love comments

God is not keeping score with our bank s, our trophies, or what people are saying about us. The only thing that matters is how we spend our love. Right after establishing that God must be first, we are reminded that God should be in this position out of love, not out of duty. If you have ever deeply loved another person you will bear witness to the fact that love gives us the power to transcend our own limitations and fears for the sake of the beloved. The first purpose of your life is to be loved by God! Yes, it is important to serve him, obey, and trust him, but your first purpose is to love him.

Christian love comments

A true Christian is one that acts the same around everyone and always endeavors to live a life that if filled with compassion and love. No matter what of God has done against Him, or feels he or she has done that cannot be forgiven, God still loves that wondering soul. Mark Yaconelli. Families are intended to be unified, kind, loving, godly, helpful, selfless, and a witness and reflect of God. Jenifer Jernigan, from Dive Deeper. The beautiful simplicity of our faith is that it distills down to the exact same bottom line for both the brilliant theologian and the five-year-old child: love God and love each other — period.

While God showed his love for Christian love comments world through the sacrificing of his life as well as through the care that he showed while walking this Earth, that same kind of love should be given to others. John Franks, Manifesting Love. Rebecca Bryan, The Carols of Christmas. The Godhead is a viable community of relationship and oneness of purpose and destiny within their mutual love of one another. If you once saw yourself as unlovable, know that you are loved. God loved you so much, He sent his Son so that you would be saved John 3: We may give all of our possessions to the poor and surrender our bodies to be burned and have faith to move mountains and heal disease, calling Him Lord, yet these profit us nothing if love does not rule our hearts.

Love has a quality that it becomes stronger as the time passed. God Christian love comments finds His way to reach out to us. He finds us where we are at. In meeting with Him we find acceptance and unconditional love. When you are filled with love, and you are busy loving, you have no time to fear.

In fact the Bible says that we cannot be walking in love if we see a brother in need, have what it takes to meet his need, and will not do anything to help him. Joyce Meyersthe power of simple prayer. Bruce Larsen. Being loving is at the heart of the Christian message, as through loving others, we show our faith. Estella Eliot, Positively Christian. In Jesusyou are loved and accepted not because of what you do, but because of what Christ has done for you. Ruth Schwenk. There is nothing you can do that will make God stop loving you.

Does your love to Him ring true?

Christian love comments

And your life and service, too? Christian love comments the world see Jesus in you? Leila N. When we walk alongside other people, we find a community where we learn how to love. Learn to commit every situation to God, and trust Him for the outcome. It is not possible to love God and hate your brother.

Russell M. If you can give each new person you meet a clean slate to live by, and let them show you who they are by what they do, you then are showing a maturity and love for people that extends beyond you to benefit others. Eric Watterson, I Forgive You. The biblical concept of love says no to acts of selfishness within marital and other human relationships. We must never take our relationship with God for granted, become complacent, and lose the wonder of His love for us. Many of the Christians whose love will grow cold will end up loving other things before God.

Shannon Scott, Authority. One of the major ways we love our neighbour as ourselves is by praying for them—by interceding for them. As you begin to love others as you love yourself and strive to do unto others as you would have others do unto you, you will find that you are changing, and that change comes from the heart by the indwelling Holy Spirit. In His grace He sends us times when we experience afresh the reality of His love, but in truth His love Christian love comments constant, never changes and never fails.

Cherish your family connections. Norman Vincent Peale. Max Lucado — Come Thirsty. Others have promised and failed. But God has promised and succeeded. He loves you with an unfailing love. As a Christian, you can enjoy life because your conscience is clear. Man, made in the image of God, has a purpose — to be in relationship to God, who is there. Francis Schaeffer. Love is the joy we get from God when we put His benefit and the benefit of another person before our own.

Christian love comments

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Christian love comments Christian love comments

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