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The two men are next-door neighbors in Lyford Cay, a gated community on New Providence, an island in the Bahamas, and for years it had been a peaceful adjacency. Because both of them happen to be billionaires, it is a picturesque driveway, lined by casuarina trees and triple Alexander palms, feet north of a stunning body of water known as Clifton Bay and feet south of an even more stunning vista upon the Atlantic Ocean.

Taylor, a Canadian brewing tycoon, termed this shared passage when he established Lyford Cay in The road itself he saw fit to name E. Taylor Drive. The dip created a drainage problem when it rained: the puddling. And it had mosquitoes. But that was then, and this is now. And somehow, what began in with a bit of irritation over runoff has escalated to a battle royal encompassing no fewer than 16 legal actions between Nygard and Bacon and their associates, in which both sides are claiming damages in the tens of millions of dollars and lobbing allegations of activities that include vandalism, bribery, insider trading, arson, murder, destruction of the fragile seabed, and having a close association with the Ku Klux Klan.

It has reached a point where neither man, though each used to consider Lyford Cay his rightful home, spends much time there anymore.

Any non crazy Bahamas women

He blames the man next door for all of it, citing a string of environmental-degradation suits that Bacon has filed against him in court. He reminds me of Hitler. At 74, with his long white hair and vigorously spread family tree he has had eight children with five womenNygard is something like the Hugh Hefner of down-market retail. Aesthetically—shirt unbuttoned to the navel, tight black jeans, and some sort of glitter he applies to his suntanned arms after showering—he brings to mind a mash-up of Sam Walton and Gunther Gebel-Williams, the circus-animal trainer.

Some things you should know about Nygard: His personal history involves emigrating from Finland to Manitoba with his family when he was eight and living out of a converted coalbin. He dated Anna Nicole Smith for several years. He is famous in the Bahamas. The case was eventually settled. He is obsessed with longevity. He was giving himself testosterone shots every other day and made arrangements with a lab to receive regular injections of his own stem cells.

Getting younger. More than anything, Nygard is proud of his concrete sanctuary, which in he persuaded the Bahamian government to rename Nygard Cay to coincide with a Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous segment. For the preceding years it had been known as Simms Point. Nygard deed and constructed the compound himself over more than two decades. A squadron of peacocks strut on the grounds.

Any non crazy Bahamas women

Giant urns belch smoke like volcanoes. Coiled stone cobras hiss steam at sunset. The multi-hued structures are festooned with thousands of colored lightbulbs. I lost that recipe. In his mirrored gym, which now functions as the dining room, he eats dinner and downs the contents of a meticulously marked Baggie full of pills handed to him by a young personal assistant. They all consider driving to town for the parade celebrating Junkanoo, a national holiday. Instead, everybody stays up until three A. The s which Nygard says have since been taken down are pointed out toward the water, in case anybody sailing by in Clifton Bay should want to know more about the man.

In a glass-tower office, framed by views of the Manhattan skyline and the Hudson River, Bacon, 59 years old and sitting tall in a chrome-and-leather chair, is surrounded by trading screens, clocks set to the times of various overseas markets, squash and yachting magazines, model aircraft. Bacon grew up in a wealthy real-estate-business family in North Carolina, boarded at Episcopal High School, in Alexandria, Virginia, and graduated from Middlebury College where he is now a trustee and Columbia Business School. He has seven children, four with his first wife and three with his current wife.

Where Nygard has made a visible mark on Any non crazy Bahamas women cay with his estate, Bacon wants his country houses known for how meticulously they fit into their surroundings. He has a lot of them. In addition to his residence on the Upper East Side, he owns a weekend home on Robins Island, off the coast of Southampton, Long Island, where he hosts polo matches and driven-pheasant shoots.

He also owns a grouse moor in Scotland and a hunting lodge in the North of England. A second estate in Lyford Cay—for spillover guests or staff—has an indoor squash court. Kennedy Jr. As for his place in Lyford, Point House, you might never guess that the owner is this rich. The queen was Noor of Jordan. The Levys have witnessed the feud up close and speak about their neighbor with contempt. But Bacon, they insist, has never lost his cool.

Until he filed his defamation suit, this year, Bacon fought Nygard mostly under the auspices of an environmental campaign, ed by many Lyford residents, that sought to rectify changes to the coastline they claim Nygard is responsible for. Inlocals put their names on a complaint against the Bahamian government, demanding that certain procedures be followed in order for Nygard to get legal clearance to rebuild. Taylor and Sir Harold Christie, a scion of the Bahamian family that owned the original 3,acre plot at the western tip of New Providence.

Long before the puddle, Nygard clashed stylistically with much of the Lyford Cay establishment. He threw a lot of parties and was always doing construction. It is now a security booth and staff office for his estate. After a few years he stopped paying dues.

Any non crazy Bahamas women

I never moved here to Nygard Cay because of Lyford Cay. The Lyford Cay Club—a golf-and-tennis facility with a majestically frayed pink clubhouse—is the social hub of the community, and according to members, Nygard was discouraged from applying by people who broached the matter on his behalf with the Any non crazy Bahamas women committee. But Nygard got off to a bad start.

Many from Lyford Cay would celebrate their weddings, anniversaries, and other special events at Nygard Cay, or bring their V. A lot of us in the old line viewed him as a curiosity. So was the first President Bush, who struck up a friendship with Nygard after Nicholas Brady took him to Nygard Cay once to marvel at the place. And around it, the adjacent properties are dark. Listen, Lyford Cay is not St. Peter Nygard is a force for good. Bacon arrived next door at Point House in They managed an agreement via their groundskeepers on choices of island ficus and bougainvillea to plant along the easement.

I was part of his search committee. He started casing the t, looking at it as a place to buy, and did nothing. They ended up getting somebody else to come find us. Bacon responded by suing Nygard and obtaining a court injunction to remove it. There was also the matter of sand. He had a suction dredge on a floating platform, to move sand onshore, going day and night.

Nygard had mentioned in a letter to the prime minister that a stem-cell center on the island could provide employment for hundreds of Bahamians, but insists that he had no intention of building it at Nygard Cay. Meanwhile, Lyford residents and the L. In the time since Nygard began living there, his piece of land has grown from 3. Years earlier, Nygard had obtained a government permit to redirect the sand.

Any non crazy Bahamas women

Of course he does. He sued the government. He sued Bacon over the re-grading project that had created the puddle in the driveway three years earlier and demanded that his neighbor install a security gate where the driveway crosses the property line. Nygard has filed multiple lawsuits, and the CBC has removed the piece from the Internet.

Soon afterward, Bacon pulled his three youngest children out of school in Lyford Cay and requested that the person offshore advisement desk that handles his client records be moved out of the Bahamas. Nygard kept going.

Any non crazy Bahamas women

They featured unsubstantiated assertions that Bacon ran an international drug-smuggling operation, was a member of the K. Other postings accused Bacon of taking credit for the efforts of local activists when he accepted the Audubon Medal for preserving Clifton Bay inand called his acceptance speech, which jokingly cited Gone with the Wind, racist.

Smith, who organized a parade where many participants wore K. Another ancestor, Bartholomew Moore, was a lawyer who argued in a landmark case that slaves had the legal right to protect themselves from a violent master.

Nygard says that he has not seen the footage and that his lawyers dispute this. Nevertheless, he has fought to have the footage ruled inadmissible. Nygard says he plans to appeal. It may be that the only Any non crazy Bahamas women Bacon and Nygard have in common, besides a Lyford Cay address, is their t refusal to ever back down. Seuss tale, who will not budge, not ever, not one inch. I am putting my holiday property on the market as it was intended for relaxation and enjoyment—it has become anything but thanks to you.

To the extent you have used me as a straw man in your fights, you will need to find someone else now. Although I do not think it is right you should be the one buying it as you are the reason I am selling, so be it. And the issue of the runoff on the driveway?

But no. The whole thing began over a puddle in a driveway. In This Corner At 74, with his long white hair and vigorously spread family tree he has had eight children with five womenNygard is something like the Hugh Hefner of down-market retail. In That Corner In a glass-tower office, framed by views of the Manhattan skyline and the Hudson River, Bacon, 59 years old and sitting tall in a chrome-and-leather chair, is surrounded by trading screens, clocks set to the times of various overseas markets, squash and yachting magazines, model aircraft.

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Any non crazy Bahamas women

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Lyford Cay in the Bahamas Offers a Clubby—And Unflashy—Vibe